New BNR board to be elected in October

Prior to the presidential elections in December, the leaders of the political parties and the influent personalities around them, both from the political and financial spheres, from the secret services and business milieu, are summoned in October to elect the new board of the National Bank of Romania (BNR), whose 5-year mandate concludes, reports The give-and-take discussions and the political lobby for this positions started a year ago. There are nine spots at stake in the now famous council hall of BNR, which has not changed over the past century. The council table and chairs made of Cordoba leather have successfully passed the test of time and gaining a seat here represents the highest professional achievement one could attain. That would be the fifth BNR board after the Revolution. The political leaders must negotiate and tell the MPs in the budget-finance commissions, who must formally vote, the names of the nine members they support for BNR, four executives and five simple members. Out of the nine positions, two are virtually reserved if the candidates want them, Mugur Isarescu for the position of governor and Florin Georgescu for prime-vicegovernor. If the two above-mentioned positions do not raise many questions, the seven spots left involve intense negotiations and no one is sure about their position until they are validated by the Parliament.

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