New metro train units available starting


Metrorex introduced in the system as of Wednesday the new trains bought from CAF Spain after a EUR 97 million contract, according to a Metrorex release.
The trains will run on the Line 2 (Pipera – Aurel Vlaicu – Aviatorilor – Piata Victoriei 1 – Piata Romana – Universitate – Piata Unirii – Tineretului – Eroii Revolutiei – Constantin Brancoveanu – Piata Sudului – Aparatorii Patriei – Dimitrie Leonida – Berceni) and will be called Dunarea, Mures, Prut, Olt, Ialomita, Somes, Siret, Arges, Jiu, Buzau, Dambovita, Bega, Tisa, Prahova, Bistrita and Suceava. The metro trains will be available one by one in the second half of 2014.  According to the contract, the first four trains are built in Beasain in Spain and the other 12 are assembled at Grivita Workshops in Bucharest.
The new units have six trains, are 113.6 m long, 3.2 m wide and can carry 1,200 passengers. The maximum speed they can reach is 80 km/h and the commercial speed is 40 km/h.  The new trains will have an extra number of supporting bars, of chairs (6 more for each train) and a special area for bikes. The mobility-challenged persons can get in and out of the train more easily as there are two specially designed areas to attach the wheel-chair and there is Braille writing on the command buttons to open the train doors. Making these new trains available, the old ones are replaced completely on the lines 1, 2 and 3 and the power consumption is reduced by about 5 percent whereas the maintenance costs for the 16 trains are about 40 percent lower than the costs for the older ones.