New York Times: Dacia, the hottest car in Europe this year

In New York Times view, the hottest car in Europe this year is Renault’s low-cost brand, Dacia. Based on data released on Tuesday, Dacia showed the greatest gains of any car brand in Europe, with sales this year surging 21.1 percent through November. That’s well above the second-place finishers, Mazda and Jaguar, each with 15.6 percent increases.
“It may be the right car at the right time for Europe. Amid high unemployment and economic uncertainty, Dacia has found a foothold with prices as low as EUR 7,700 or about USD 10,600, taxes included, for its no-frills Logan sedan. For someone accustomed to driving a Mercedes or a BMW, a Dacia would be <<awful,”>> said Jens Schattner, an analyst with Macquarie in Frankfurt, informs. “But if you just need to get from Point A to Point B, it’s simple, reliable technology, and you get a three-year warranty. It’s all you need.”
Dacia, which accounts for less than 3 percent of the European market, sold about 260,000 vehicles through November, according to the data. Volkswagen still dominates with a 13.4 percent market share and more than 1.4 million units registered, though sales of the brand were down 5.4 percent in the same period.
Carlos da Silva, an analyst at IHS Automotive, said that a key reason for Dacia’s success in Western Europe was that it had created a new class of customers, people who would previously “have bought a five-year-old car, but now they can get a new car for the same price.”

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