No more special pensions for corrupted magistrates

The Senate plenum adopted on Wednesday with 98 votes in favour, one against and one abstention the draft law regarding the elimination of special pensions of magistrates with definitive sentences for corruption, according to Agerpres.

The draft law completes law 303/2004 on the status of judges and prosecutors in the sense that judges, prosecutors, assistant magistrates and legal personnel who received a definitive sentence for corruption might not benefit from the service pension.

“The judges, prosecutors, assistant magistrates and legal personnel who were definitively sentenced for corruption or a similar felony after they were released or prior to the release will not benefit from the service pension included in art 82 and 83, index 1 and the payment at art 81,” reads a Commission amendment adopted in the plenum.

Another amendment says that “one of the felonies in line 1 denies the conclusion of the request for service pension or the suspension of it if it had been granted until the definitive solution of the case. During this period, the individual benefits from public pension.”

The draft law was initiated by the Government and is organic and the Senate is the decisional chamber in this case


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