Nostalgics commemorate Ceausescu’s birthday, despite the blizzard


Had he lived today, Romania’s late president Nicolae Ceausescu would have been 95 years old. His 95th birthday presented 15 members of the Romanian Communist Party led by current PCR president Petre Ignatencu, and other nostalgics with the opportunity to gather at the grave of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu at the Ghencea Civil Cemetery on Saturday, Jan 26, despite the fierce blizzard. Their paraphernalia included the traditional funeral wheat porridge and red wine, along with just as traditional red flags with hammer and sickle and placards reading anti-capitalist messages. They also availed themselves of the opportunity to lay two flower wraths on the late presidential couple’s grave. Laudatory speeches were delivered, and afterwards, Stan Dumitrica, secretary of the Executive Bureau of the PCR, symbolically dropped a few drops of red wine on the grave, while saying “May God rest their souls in peace!”, with all those present repeating the idiomatic phrase.