Objective of Renault – Dacia Group: Relaunching the domestic new automobiles market of Romania

The relaunching of the Romanian market of new automobiles in 2014 and 2015 represents an important objective for the main local automaker, the CEO of Dacia and Renault Romania, Nicolas Maure said yesterday, after a meeting with the minister of Economy, Andrei Gerea. “For us, it is important to make the Romanian market restart, for this plant, but also for all the involved economic actors, such as the providers or the distribution network. Relaunching the market is a real target for this year and for 2015,” Nicolas Maure stated.
Another priority for Dacia is maintaining the competitiveness of the Mioveni-based factory, a goal that can be attained with adequate support from Romanian authorities. “We also have other plants that manufacture Dacia models, especially in morocco, so our goal is to remain competitive. We also rely on the government to help us stay competitive,” the CEO of Dacia and Renault Romania mentioned. In his turn, the minister said how impressed he is by the quantitative level reached by the production of the Mioveni plant, and also by the attention granted by employers to their personnel. He reaffirmed the intention of Romanian authorities to secure for the automaker all conditions to conduct and develop its productive operations.
“Much of the progress and positive evolution of the Gross Domestic Product is due to Romanian exports, and the industrial component of the GDP, almost 30 per cent, is much above the European average, which stands around 20 per cent. I might say that industrial evolution in Romania is on a positive trend and will continue this way,” the minister of Economy said. Gerea added that the large companies like the Mioveni-based Dacia factory had the most important contribution to the increase of industrial activity and of exports.

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