OPCOM: Day-ahead electric power market trades 1.946 million MWh in June


OpcomThe day-ahead market traded 1.946 million megawatt hour of electric power in June, up by 13.31 year-on-year, according to figures published by OPCOM, the power and natural gas market operator on its website on Friday.

Trade amounted to 289.5 million lei, by 21.2 percent more than in June 2014. The average price was 146.96 lei/MWh (up 7.7pct).

Registered on the day-ahead market are 284 participants, 214 of whom are active. The average number of active participants per day is 196.

The day-ahead market is a component of the electric power wholesale market, where the participants conduct firm hourly trading in energy to be delivered on the day following the trading day.

Starting Nov. 19, 2014, the Romanian day-ahead market has been coupled to the markets in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, through the market price coupling mechanism known as 4M MC.