Operations Research poll: Ponta 45 pc, Johannis 26 pc

Prime Minister Victor Pontawould win almost half of the vote(45%) if a presidential electionwere held on Sunday. He wouldbe followed by acting chairman ofthe National Liberal Party (PNL)Klaus Johannis (26%) andnational leader of the Civic Force(FC) Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu(13%), according to the findingsof a recent Operations Researchpoll, quoted by Agerpres.Endorsee Cristian Diaconescuof the People’s Movement Party(PMP) would get 5%, DanDiaconescu 4%, national leaderof the Greater Romania Party(PRM) Corneliu Vadim Tudor3%, national leader of theHungarian Democratic Union ofRomania (UDMR) KelemenHunor 2%, while 2% of therespondents would vote foranother candidate. If VictorPonta and Klaus Johannis made itto the second round of the presidentialelection, the electoralscore would be 59% to 41%, andif Victor Ponta – Mihai-RazvanUngureanu made it, it would be61% to 39%.As far as public confidence isconcerned, Governor of theNational Bank of Romania(BNR) Mugur Isarescu is firstwith 58%, followed by MEPMircea Diaconu (42%) andPrime Minister Victor Ponta(41%), according to the samepoll.Other politicians in the publicconfidence ranking are BucharestGeneral Mayor Sorin Oprescu(39%); Senate Chairman CalinPopescu-Tariceanu and PNL actingChairman Klaus Johannis, 36per cent each; FC national leaderMihai-Razvan Ungureanu (27%);PRM national leader CorneliuVadim Tudor (23%); nationalleader of the Democratic LiberalParty (PDL) Vasile Blaga (20%);President Traian Basescu (19%);Senator Crin Antonescu (15%);national leader of PMP ElenaUdrea (13%), and PDL FirstDeputy Chairman CatalinPredoiu (11%). On the otherhand, more than half of therespondents believe Romania ison the wrong track. Thus, 54% ofthem say the country is on thewrong track, while only 38% sayit is on the right track, while 8%did not know or did not answer.The findings also reveal that57% of the respondents fully disagreewith the statement thatPMP having got PresidentBasescu involved as its main supporterwas appropriate; 45% areagainst the idea of PNL havingused symbols of the ChampionsLeague in the election campaignfor the European elections; while47% fully agree with the statementthat the Social DemocraticParty (PSD) having conductedelectioneering that used folkmotifs and messages about thepride of being Romanian wasappropriate.As many as 37% of therespondents fully agree thatVictor Ponta should become thepresidential candidate of thealliance of PSD, National Unionfor Romania’s Progress (UNPR)and the Conservative Party (PC);37% are totally against the Rightparties led by Vasile Blaga andElena Udrea uniting in one party;41% fully agree that TraianBasescu is a greater evil toRomania than PSD, while 42%fully agree that Senator CalinPopescu-Tariceanu should takeover PNL’s national leadership.The Challenging Insights CATIpoll was conducted nationwideJune 5-10 and it involved 1,100interviews. It carries an error marginof 3%.

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