Opposition introduces motion on education

‘It’s a democratic action, an opportunity to explain what’s in the system,’ says Minister Ecaterina Andronescu.

The PDL parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies yesterday announced a motion on education with the name ‘Disarray in education leads to plagiarism and school failure’. The motion will be debated in plenary session a week from now. In its motion, PDL wants the vocational baccalaureate to be scrapped, the idea of taking the preparative class back to kindergartens to be dropped and the resignation of the prime minister. Next week, the opposition intends to introduce another motion, this time regarding agriculture, through which they want to urge the resignation of Agriculture Minister Daniel Constantin. Education Minister Ecaterina Andronescu says the education motion is a democratic action which will give her the opportunity to explain what happens in the education system. Attending the Congress of Orthodox Theology Faculties in Cluj yesterday, Andronescu told Mediafax that the parliamentary debates on the motion would give her the chance to explain what happened in education and disclose the situation that she had found. ‘I have things to say not only on the preparative class, but also on the vocational baccalaureate and I don’t understand why this bothers the opposition’, the minister said. The Minister of Education, Ecaterina Andronescu, also said yesterday that the 2013 education budget would be bigger than this year and that further resources would also have to be raised from the World Bank or from European funds. She added that she had discussed with the rest of the Government the possibility that more European money could go to education, for the financing of the life-long training of teachers. PSD President Victor Ponta was saying n Monday that PDL had been hit by some sort of collective amnesia as the Democrat Liberals forgot, when introducing their motion, that the ‘bad’ law on education had been produced by them.The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, also said on Monday that the current Government ‘had a lot to say on the dodgy things that had happened in the system of education in the last three and a half years’ and that, if he had been a member of PDL, he would have been ashamed of the thought that the former regime had closed down 2,000 schools, generated unemployment and cut teachers’ salaries. As far as he is concerned, the biggest mistake made in the Romanian education system was the far too high number of changes which were not always positive. ‘We had kept implementing reforms to the point where we emptied the concept of education reform of its content. I think we should all be afraid to reform this sector any further,’ Zgonea said at an UNICEF conference on school absenteeism in Sinaia, on Monday.

PDL keeps losing MPs on the line

In less than a month, the main opposition party, PDL, has lost no less than four MPs. Yesterday, the Chamber of Deputies adopted a draft resolution ascertaining the termination of the term of MP Gheorghe Albu (PDL) and vacancy of an MP post in the single winner electoral district number four Dambovita, and the vacancy of the office of lower Chamber quaestor. Albu’s resignation from Parliament will be effective as of October 2, having been appointed as CNVM commissioner. The position of MP representing the electoral district number nine Galati in the Chamber of Deputies, so far occupied by Mihail Boldea, was vacated after the Chamber had adopted yesterday a resolution on the termination of his term in office. Mihail Boldea was arrested at the end of March and referred to court in a case of real estate fraud worth approximately EUR 1 M. Another PDL MP, Doru Lese, has also resigned from the party, moving to PNL. Elected in Maramures County, Lese’s explanation for his move was the ‘excess of democracy in PDL’. Also yesterday, the former Minister of Youth and Sport, Monica Iacob Ridzi, presented her resignation as a member of the PDL parliamentary group, noting that she would carry on with her term as an independent MP. Ridzi resigned from PDL last week, accusing PDL of becoming ‘a party of the double standard’. In May 2011, the ex-minister and 11 other people were prosecuted in a corruption case regarding the organisation of various festivities on the National Youth Day.


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