Outdoors show to support Jewish Theatre

About 100 people were present on Monday night in front of the State Jewish Theatre in Bucharest where they danced along with the actors, ignoring the cold, and enjoyed the show “Mazl Tov…and justice for all,” event held to support the cultural institution.
State Jewish Theatre director Maia Morgenstern said on Monday afternoon that the show aims to raise international public awareness about the state of the building, but that the event is not a protest. “It is a theatre play, a show meant to save the Jewish Theatre, is a show to raise awareness,” said Maia Morgenstern quoted by Mediafax.
Music and dance were the main elements of the show held in front of the theatre, and the acting made those present ignore the cold outside, enjoy along the artists and applaud. Emotional jokes “spiced up” the show and brought smiles on the viewers’ faces. There were also lines with subtle meaning regarding the state of the theatre: “It’s so warm in here the water is freezing/Just wait to see what’s like inside the theatre.”
For more than an hour, the spectators enjoyed the Jewish humour and were overwhelmed by the joyous traditional songs. Besides, the actors descended from the stage improvised in front of the theatre and invited those present to dance. At the end of the show, Maia Morgenstern said they will play again inside the theatre as soon as the situation of the dilapidated building is solved.
An 80 square metres slab from the roof of the Jewish Theatre broke down on January 25 due to inclement weather and the theatre director said there is a danger of electric shock because “the stage is under a curtain of water seeping into the basement and everywhere else.”

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