Over 100 elite pilots, parachutists take part in Bucharest air show


The 6th edition of the most impressive air show in Romania – the BIAS – is gathering 100 civil and military planes both in an air show and on display for the public as well as over 100 elite pilots and parachutists at the Romanian capital’s Aurel Vlaicu – Baneasa Airport on Saturday and Sunday.
Showing their skills in the air show on Sunday are: the Baltic Bees, a Latvian formation with a world-unique flying style, who carry out artistic maneuvers of utmost difficulty; the world air acrobatics champion Jurgis Kayris, acrobatic flying artists Flying Bulls and world glider acrobatic champion Luca Bertossio.
Also taking part in the flying show are reputed Romanian elite air acrobatics names such as the Romanian Air Club, Iacarii Acrobati (the Acrobatic Icarus), National Air Carrier TAROM, Hawks of Romania, Vulturii Tricolori (The Tricolour Eagles), The Pelicans, White Wings, alongside Blue Wings parachutists.
The public also watches aircraft of the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Romanian Intelligence Service, whose pilots showing their skills in flight.
Participating in the Bucharest International Air Show & General Aviation Exhibition (BIAS) this weekend are Romanian Air Forces elite pilots on aircraft MIG 21 Lancer, IAR 99 Hawk, IAR 316, IAK 52, IAR 330 PUMA and C 130 Hercules.
The public could visit the General Aviation Exhibition at Baneasa Airport on Saturday, where on display were dozens of civil and military aircraft ranging from ultra-weight planes to business jets. Also exhibited on ground were MIG 21 Lancer jet fighter, Spartan C271 carrier, IAR 99 Hawk plane, a Puma M military helicopter as well as hardware, radars, a ground-to-air missile launch system and others.