Over 11,000 guarantees through “First House” granted in six months


The National Fund for Credit Guarantees for SMBs has granted more than 1,100 guarantees within the programme “First House” over the first six months of the year, almost 30 percent of which were for beneficiaries in Bucharest (3,036) whereas the least applications were in the counties of Calarasi, Ialomita and Giurgiu, 33 in each. A county ranking in terms of applications would place Bucharest on top with 27.6 percent followed by Cluj with 8.1 percent, Ilfov with 7.1 percent, Timis with 5.8 percent and Constanta, Brasov, Sibiu and Iasi with 3 to 5 percent each. The analyses conducted reveal that the “First House” programme was mostly resorted to by young people aged between 26 and 35 who opted for two-room flats. The contracts signed at the beginning of the programme (2009) until July 20, 2014 allowed the National Fund for Credit Guarantees for SMBs to grant more than 119,200 guarantees in amount of EUR 2.3 billion for loans worth EUR 4.56 billion. The average value of financing through the programme is EUR 38,300.