Over 30 pc increase in price per gigacalorie for Bucharest companies

According to a decision adopted  by the General Council of Bucharest and cited by HotNews.ro, the price per gigacalorie will go up from RON 252 to RON 329.30, VAT non-included, for economic agents connected to urban thermal substations. The price will also go up from RON 212.95, VAT non-included, to RON 294.40, VAT non-included, for economic agents connected to own thermal substations. The increase will be applied for the duration of one year once the decision takes effect. Introducing an increase in fees was necessary because RADET had accumulated large debts after ANRE (National Agency for Energy Regulation) failed to approve gigacalorie fees on time, causing losses of almost RON 10.5 million between February and July 2013. Mayor Sorin Oprescu stated the price per gigacalorie for households will not be modified this winter

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