Over 6,000 PDL supporters at launch of candidates for EP

EPP President Joseph Daul and former Moldavian PM Vasile Filat were also present.

The Liberal Democrats launched their candidates for the May 25 European Parliamentary elections in a public gathering held at Sala Palatului in Bucharest and attended by over 6,000 supporters. At the top of PDL’s list are former Prime Minister Theodor Stolojan, former Minister of Justice Monica Macovei, and current Eurodeputies Traian Ungureanu and Marian Jean Marinescu. According to sources within PDL, other names on the 42-candidate list are Liberal Democrat mayors of major Romanian towns including Gheorghe Falca (councilor of Arad), George Scripcaru (councilor of Brasov), Dorin Florea (mayor of Targu Mures), and Mircea Hava (mayor of Alba Iulia).
The launch opened with PDL’s anthem, ‘Verde inrourat’ (Dewy Green), followed by the European Union anthem, Ludwig van Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy,’ with lyrics by Friedrich Schiller. PDL chairman Vasile Blaga made an opening statement saying the party under his leadership has “the strongest and most competent list of candidates, which has done us proud in the European Parliament.” “7,000 Liberal Democrats have come today to witness the launch of candidates for the European Parliamentary elections,” he continued, recalling that 15,000 PDL members had attended the event in Piata Victoriei in February, and 25,000 in Cluj, in March.
EPP leader Joseph Daul’s discourse was more cutting, as he stated PSD “has been governing Romania for the last two years, and in this time, taxes have hiked, unemployment is on the rise, time has gone by, and Romania is still not in Schengen.” He praised PDL Eurodeputies for being the representatives of an important and active delegation within the EPP. “They are respected and active deputies. (…) I would especially like to mention my vice-president, Marian Jean Marinescu, who is a dedicated, efficient professional of the EPP group,” Daul noted.
The European official pointed out that on May 25, Romanians and other citizens of the Union will be choosing their representative in the EP and the candidate for the European Commission presidency. “As far as we, the EPP, are concerned, we have an opportunity to choose Jean Claude Juncker as our candidate, a significant European citizen who has many accomplishments. But this is not a one-man play. The future of Europe is at stake. We will have to make a choice, to choose what kind of Europe we want.”
Joseph Daul emphasized “on the one hand, there is a Europe of extremes and demagogy, of self-imposed isolation and failure, and on the other, there is the Socialists’ Europe that has driven many states to a standstill by enormous public expenses, disastrous debts, and ever more taxes.” “However, there is also the Europe we, members of EPP, are striving for; a glowing Europe. A Europe of values, jobs, dynamic economy, and solid and sustainable growth,” the EPP representative said further, while emphasizing that the crisis has been overcome since EPP has taken over in certain countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland. “There is the difference!” he pointed out. The president of EPP underlined his main concern is not only Romania’s economic situation. “For two years, we have seen the rule of law being degraded to the benefit of a minority that is trying to be above the law. (…) Europe cannot tolerate this. Europe is there to protect its citizens and ensure their fundamental freedoms. When these values and rights are under threat, we must act decisively. (…) The same way as EPP acted in the summer of 2012, when the rule of law was under threat,” he said. Daul pointed out Europe is a concurrence of values and justice, and Romania has a special place in Europe. “It’s in the first line. Being the first line of defense for Eastern democracy at the border with Ukraine, Romania’s mission is the more important.”
Joseph Daul wished to greet Vlad Filat because he knows “how important the latter’s work is for Moldova to make progress toward reaching its European goal.” “Romania and Moldova are divided by water, but they are linked by a common destiny – to be fully entitled members of the EU.” The EPP officials concluded by stressing that this campaign’s slogan should be “Europe is not a problem. Europe is the solution.”

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