Part of Romanian Post directors voluntarily give up severance pay

Some of the directors within the Romanian Postal Service National Company (CNPR) voluntarily gave up the severance payments included in their individual employment contracts, they were supposed to receive upon termination of their contract, the Information Society Ministry (MSI) informs in a release on Monday. ‘At the initiative of the Information Society Minister Razvan Cotovelea, the entire management team of the Romanian Post, i.e. executive directors and directors, gave up voluntarily, unequivocally and with no conditions, any clauses in the individual employment contract (CIM), which govern the provision of severance payments upon termination of activity. The positive response of the management team is consistent with the company’s development and privatization strategy, a proof of its solidarity and respect towards the employees of the company,’ the release reads. ‘MSI respects and appreciates the efforts made throughout all these difficult years by the Romanian Post employees and encourages bonus payments tied to performance results and accumulated services, in the context of a successful privatization of this company and its upward financial evolution this year,’ the release also says.
Until yesterday at noon, Alexandru Petrescu – executive director and president of the privatisation committee, Rares Stanciu – executive director, Andrei Stanescu, Ciprian Bolos and Gabriel Dumitru – directors with Compania Nationala Posta Romana handed down the written acceptance to giving up the clause of the individual work contract which regulates the payment of compensation salaries. “We are still waiting for the decisions of the other managers of Posta Romania who have not submitted their decision in written form,” minister Cotovelea mentioned.
At the end of last week, MSI, which controls 75 pc of Posta Romana, had asked the Control Body of the premier to verify the legality of the clause under which the former legal director of Posta Romana, Rosita Madalina Alexe will receive 30 compensatory salaries, representing some EUR 60,000. “The ministry decided to intervene, because legal suspicions existed regarding the way in which one may grant compensatory salaries to the management of Posta Romana. (…) We do not agree to the payment of this sum,” the minister for Information Society stated.
The decisions made yesterday come against the background of protests staged last week by Posta Romana employees, who demanded decent work conditions and the resignation of the general manager.

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