Partial elections at multiple colleges in Bucharest

The Minister for Youth and Sports Gabriela Szabo filed her candidacy for the Chamber of Deputies seat of Constituency 4 Ilfov County. ‘She is not only the candidate of PSD or PC or UNPR, I believe she is the candidate of everybody. I am convinced that all the parties and all the voters will support her,’ said yesterday Prime Minister Victor Ponta, quoted by Agerpres.
Also yesterday, Ruxandra Dragomir submitted her candidacy on behalf of PMP for the position of senator from District 4 left vacant by Dan Voiculescu, whereas Cristian Ilie, former deputy, runs from the same party for the seat of senator left vacant after Victor Ciorbea submitted his resignation. Dragomir will compete against Ilie Nastase from PSD-UNPR-PC. The two candidates came to the Electoral Bureau at the Mayoralty of District 4 accompanied by Elena Udrea, Eugen Tomac and other PMP leaders. On this occasion, Udrea said she encourages all young beautiful women to do politics and not let themselves be discouraged by the fact that “they will be insulted from time to time by Victor Ponta or other misogynists,” saying this has happened to her for a decade. On the other hand, PDL appointed Adriana Saftoiu, spokesperson for the party, and MEP Petru Luhan, as candidates for the partial elections for the Senate in colleges 7 and 8 in Bucharest.

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