PDL, PNL leaderships to meet on Monday to designate ACL presidential candidate


The leaderships of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) will meet on Monday at Parliament Palace in a joint meeting of the PNL-PDL Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) to designate the official candidate of ACL in the Nov. 2014 presidential elections.

According to a press release issued by PDL, the meeting of the Leadership Council of ACL will take place on Monday as of 11 a.m. at the group hall of the Liberal deputies.

According to the same source, coming next will be a meeting of the PDL National Standing Bureau (around midday) and a meeting of the PNL-PDL merged National Political Bureau.

The common candidate of the alliance is designated, according to the ACL protocol, as a result of sociological research at the proposal of the leadership structures of the two parties, i.e. the Standing Delegation of PNL and the National Standing Bureau of PDL.

First Deputy Chairman of PDL Catalin Predoiu said Thursday that he will fight until the end to get the presidential bid of ACL and his drive is given by the confidence in him and the vote for him of his PDL party colleagues.

He mentioned that irrespective of who the final candidate of ACL is, after his designation PDL and PNL will team up.

Predoiu’s opponent in the race for the designation of ACL’s candidate is Klaus Johannis, the incumbent PNL chairman.