PDL’s Predoiu accuses PM Ponta of failing to react to developments in Eastern Ukraine


In a press release issued on Sunday to Agerpres, First Deputy Chairman of the opposition Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) Catalin Predoiu is accusing Prime Minister Victor Ponta of having failed to react in any way to the increasingly more serious situation in Eastern Ukraine.

Predoiu, the prime ministerial pick of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) of PDL and the National Liberal Party (PNL), says in his release that news agencies have reported pro-Russian separatists of Ukraine took down a MIG29 jet fighter of the Ukrainian armed forces on Saturday night. He also says that Ukraine’s foreign minister has called on NATO and the European Union for military support following worrying statements by the new leader of the separatists that a large counteroffensive will be started against the governmental forces.

Given the context, Predoiu notices the absence of any opinion of the government headed by Victor Ponta on the tensions in neighbour Ukraine.

‘Victor Ponta is mute as a turnip as far as the Ukrainian issue is concerned. His merry irresponsibility and non-genuine detachment are hiding in fact a visible incompetence in economic and foreign policy matters. Yet, what I can notice is his obsession with the road to China. I am asking Prime Minister Ponta directly: what interests is he representing in the Romanian Government?’ reads the release issued by Predoiu.