Petrol price in Romania, 5 pc higher than in 2008


The petrol sold in Romania now costs, without taxes 5 pc more than in the summer of 2008, when crude oil quotations had reached record values, according to a survey made by Agerpres. The price per liter of petrol at pump now costs, on average, in Romania, EUR 0.703 without taxes. At the same time, Brent crude – the reference for the Romanian market – is quoted at nearly 110 US/barrel. In July 2008, when crude reached the absolute peak of 147 USD/barrel, the petrol sold in Romania cost EUR 0.669, tax exclusive, according to European Commission statistics. Thus, while crude quotations diminished by 25 pc since the summer of 2008, petrol price soared by 5 pc. The petrol sold in Romania at the lowest price on 12 January 2009, at USD 0.266. At that date, crude was quoted at 45 USD/barrel. On the other hand, diesel is now 9 pc cheaper than in July 2008. Without taxes, the price per liter of diesel is now EUR 0.727, down from 0.799 in July 2008. Romanians could purchase the cheapest diesel on 23 March 2009, at 0.404 EUR/liter.
In Q2 2008, the excise duty on petrol was 425 EUR/ton and reached 557.9 EUR/ton now. The excise on diesel climbed from 325 EUR/ton to 473 EUR/ton now. All taxes included, a liter of petrol at pump costs EUR 1.448 in Romania, and without taxes EUR 0.703. Thus, taxes now account for 51.5 pc of the end price. The situation is similar in the case of diesel, where Romanians pay at pump 1.440 EUR/liter, while without taxes it costs 0.728 EUR/liter. Taxes account for 49.4 pc of the end price.