Pioneering move in Romania’s automotive industry, the LPG-only car

AGR Autogas Group, a company specialising in automotive alternative fuel solutions, achieved a first in Romania by equipping a Volkswagen Jetta with the first liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) installation with liquid gas injection, which allows the car’s exclusive operation on LPG, Agerpres reports. ‘The novelty about this system is that the car will run exclusively on LPG, so that starting the engine will no longer require gasoline, as in the case of LPG installations with sequential injection. Moreover, this system protects the environment, resulting in a 10 per cent reduction of CO2 emissions due to the LPG-specific chemical and physical properties,’ reads a company release. In addition, the system allows the maximum use of the original components of the car, and also significantly increases the engine efficiency. ‘This system is efficient and uses last generation technology, and specialist studies recommend it as a highly suitable fuel for direct injection engines.,’ said Autogas AGR Group commercial director Silviu Raicea This is a last generation installation adjusted to cars with direct injection, which won the ‘Best Product’ award at GasShow 2012, the largest dedicated fair in Europe.

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