PM: Gas imports from Russia account for just 25 pc of Romania’s consumption

Romania would be less affected than other countries in the region if Russia decided to cut off gas supplies, as imports account for just 25 per cent of domestic consumption, said Prime Minister Victor Ponta, Agerpres reports. “In the event of a long-term crisis, we definitely have adequate storage capacity, and domestic production is the only solution,’ the Premier told a press conference delivered in Pitesti on Thursday. Ponta voiced hope that things won’t evolve into a long-term gas crisis because this would adversely impact the economy, but to prevent such situations in the future, Romania must develop its extraction capabilities. ‘If it is a prolonged crisis, then the more so Romania must boost investments, develop the existing facilities which do not yet operate at full capacity, ensure [a dependable] domestic production. And I am referring to conventional production – OMV Petrom and Romgaz are the Romania-based gas producers, I am referring to the big companies (…) that struck large deposits in the Black Sea, although it will take more until we are able to exploit them. I also have in view unconventional gas sources, which are also in the exploration phase,’ said Victor Ponta.

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