PM Ponta agrees with Stirbu’s nomination for culture minister

PM Victor Ponta said yes to the proposal of PNL as regards the nomination of Gigel Stirbu for the position of Minister of Culture, following the resignation of Daniel Barbu last week. Ponta himself made the announcement, also stating that he would send the proposal to the Cotroceni presidential Palace yesterday evening. “I discussed with Gigel Stirbu about his plans at the Ministry and I will submit the proposal to the President,” Mediafax quoted Ponta as saying. Previous to this statement, the PM said he did not meddle in the nomination of Stirbu. He only pointed out during the meeting with Crin Antonescu that in his opinion, a cultural figure would be most suitable for this position: “In my opinion, the Culture Ministry is not just any ministry, to appoint a member of one party, and I believe that a cultural figure would be most suitable, but this position belongs to PNL.”
Previous to the announcement made by PM Ponta, various NGOs, cultural and academic figures sent an open letter to Liberal leader Crin Antonescu, requesting that deputy Gigel Stirbu should not be appointed minister of culture. The signatories of the letter claim that during his term as Olt deputy, Stirbu “behaved in an infamous, foolish and offensive way while holding press conferences.”

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