PM Ponta: I am not ruling out Basescu suspended or charged

“Judging by Traian Basescu’s behavior, it is possible (editor’s note – for him to be suspended or charged with high treason),” said the PM late Saturday live on Antena 3.

Victor Ponta has not ruled out the possibility that President Traian Basescu could be suspended again or even charged with high treason, given his “repeated taunts or uncontrolled behavior marked by actions and decisions which are inappropriate for the president of a country.” According to the Prime Minister, his current relationship with the head of state is “perfect” since they are not on speaking terms and the relationship is in fact non-existent.
Ponta has described the Constitutional Court (CC)’s ruling on President Basescu’s involvement in the EP campaign issued last Wednesday as fair because the procedure is not regulated by the Fundamental Law. “The problem is that the Court has made additions to the Constitution before; with regard to Romania’s representation in the European Commission (EC), for instance,” the chief executive added, while pointing out that as a result Romania will not have the right to vote in this week’s reunion of EU government leaders in view of appointing the next EC President. Romania will be represented by Traian Basescu in the meeting, in accordance with a past CC decision, and the Prime Minister. We remind our readers that the Constitutional Court rejected the Gov’t’s notification on President Traian Basescu’s interference in the electoral campaign by taking pictures with People’s Movement Party leaders while wearing a T-shirt embedded with the party’s logo.
When asked whether the scenario in which he would run for president and the former PNL leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu were appointed prime minister is viable, Ponta replied he is not sure if the latter wants to run the Gov’t again, but went on to say he finds it easier picturing Tariceanu in the position of prime minister than the Liberal leader Crin Antonescu. “If Tariceanu became the leader of PNL, this team-up would make more sense,” Ponta said.
During a previous electoral visit paid Friday in Targu Mures, the Prime Minister stated that if Crin Antonescu resigns from PNL after the European Parliamentary elections (editor’s note – if PNL fails to score 20 percent), the Liberal is free to join PSD since he already has a history with the Social Democrats.
“Pressured in favour of Dan Adamescu”
On a different topic, Prime Minister Victor Ponta remarked that both he and former PNL Finance Minister Daniel Chitoiu have been put under enormous pressure by certain Liberals not to replace Daniel Tudor, “Dan Adamescu’s man,” as head of the Insurance Department of the Insurance Supervisory Commission (ISC). The judicial investigation into the Astra insurance company continued, Victor Ponta said further, until it reached unprecedented levels and “almost like in American films” Dan Adamescu’s attorney, “the keeper of secrets,” committed suicide. In the Prime Minister’s view, President Traian Basescu is one of the main beneficiaries of Adamescu’s media support. “Mr. Adamescu owns a newspaper (‘Romania Libera’) which is very openly against corruption. At present, I believe – perhaps he will sue me – that the man who has run a corrupted system for so many years and with so many serious consequences is exactly the newspaper owner who advocates for fighting corruption,” he stressed.
George Claudiu Dumitru, Dan Adamescu’s attorney, committed suicide early last week by throwing himself in front an oncoming subway at the University metro station several hours after the Bucharest Court judges suspected of accepting bribe from Dan Adamescu had been picked up, taken to the headquarters of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), and ultimately arrested. Prior to his act of despair, George Claudiu Dumitru had provided DNA prosecutors with a bank account excerpt attesting to the fact that the alleged bribe had been transferred to the judges in exchange for favourable sentences in insolvency cases involving certain companies owned by Adamescu. We remind our readers that late last week DNA ordered that a criminal investigation be opened in Adamescu’s name on two bribing charges.
Dan Adamescu owns Astra Asigurari, Unirea Shopping Center, and the Otelul Galati First League football club, among others.

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