PM Ponta: I can’t say we are closer to Schengen

Premier Victor Ponta cannot say that Romania is closer to joining the Schengen Area from a political point of view, considering that the political view in France and the Netherlands is “tricked,” the Premier pointing out however that Romanian officials have to ask for fair treatment, not to plead with someone.
“Emigration to France does not take place with flights from Bucharest, but it’s a trick fueled by the public opinion too, by the mass-media, by politicians; same in the Netherlands – Romanians are not the emigration to the Netherlands. And as long as things are decided based on internal considerations and internal demagoguery, I don’t know,” Ponta said yesterday on the national radio station. On the other hand, the Premier stated that the population should not be “panicked” by talking about the updating of the lists of army reservists, because in the 21st Century what matters is technology, not the number of soldiers, pointing out that the talk about reservists is “unreasonable.”Referring to the purchase of F-16 fighter jets, the Head of Government stated that he approved the purchase with “a broken heart” last year, but the present has showed that the measure was necessary.
Ponta’s statements come against the backdrop of President Traian Basescu’s statement according to which the capacity to mobilize the army reservists should be rebuilt if necessary, many of them currently working abroad, pointing out that the issue was discussed within the Supreme Defence Council.
On the other hand, Ponta says that Romania has secured the money for public pensions and wages as well as for the running of the state institutions. “It will no longer have to borrow from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or from anywhere else, no matter how bad the situation will get in Ukraine”, the Prime Minister said. He added that this is the first time since 2008 when, although it is only the first part of the year, “this is the announcement I am making, fully responsible to the public pensioners and employees”.
The situation in Ukraine, great danger to Moldova
According to the Premier, the situation in Ukraine and its geographical region is a great danger to Moldova, but also an opportunity for its quicker accession to the European Union. ‘It depends on us to help them, to support them use this opportunity so that they may get integrated with the European Union sooner than they expected and consider accession to NATO. Last week, we transferred 20 million euros to the accounts of the Moldovan Government for kindergarten infrastructure,’ Ponta said in reply to a question about the regional situation amidst the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. He also mentioned that next week he will meet Moldova’s Prime Minister Iurie Leanca to cross together the border between Romania and Moldova visa-free: “Romania is no doubt the first that has to help them in this respect and put pressure on all our allies inside the EU and NATO to put Moldova on the map of their priorities”.

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