PM Ponta in Tirana: Romania backs Albania EU candidacy


Visiting Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Tuesday the Romanian Government backs Albania gaining the status of a candidate to the European Union accession in June.
‘Romania has been a European Union member for seven years and our position has been constant, we back all countries in this region to be integrated into the European Union,’ Ponta said at the end of a meeting with Albanian counterpart Edi Rama, according to Agerpres.
He admitted there are European countries saying Albania is not yet fully ready to join the bloc, but he stressed such a thing had been said about Romania for a long time.
On the other hand, Ponta said the final position of Romania with respect to Kosovo will have to be decided by co-working among the president, Parliament and Government, with the Bucharest executive’s position being that Serbia and Kosovo as being European Union members represents the best solution.
“I have to say the Government, on all occasions, has supported the development of Kosovo institutions and from the viewpoint of the Government of Romania, Serbia and Kosovo as members of the European Union will, in fact, represent the best solution. And, in fact, this is a future for the entire region,’ the Romanian prime minister stressed.
Ponta and his Albanian counterpart also declared that there is no similarity between the situations in Kosovo and Crimea; they were answering a question on their support for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s declaration on a parallel between Crimea and Kosovo.
“No, we do not support it. I think there are fundamental differences, and I think that it is extremely important to have a very clear position of all the European Union countries on what is, indisputably, a crisis at European level, which can draw us back to the past, to a cold war’ Ponta said.
In his turn Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Tits Corlatean, also present in Tirana in the governmental delegation, emphasized the importance of the rapid finalization of the retrocession of the Iorga House in Saranda, during a meeting with his Albanian counterpart Ditmir Bushati, informs a press release sent by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).
‘The Romanian official reiterated the importance attached by Romania to the community of Macedo-Romanians in the Republic of Albania and stressed the efforts this community makes for preserving the identity belonging to the Romanian cultural and ethnic vein. Minister Corlatean also emphasized the importance of the rapid finalization of the retrocession of the Iorga House in Saranda (property of the Romanian State nationalized after the setting up of the communist regime in Albania and sold by the Albanian authorities to a private person after the fall of the totalitarian regime in 1991),’ reads the MAE release.