PM Ponta: Romania’s most important eastern partner is R. of Moldova

Paying a working visit to Chisinau last Friday, Ponta announced that Romania would guarantee 80 pc of the value of its investments in the Republic of Moldova.

Romania’s most important eastern partner is the Republic of Moldova and Bucharest rallies to the positions of the European Union on the situation in Ukraine, said Premier Victor Ponta, who was paying a one-day working visit to Chisinau, on Friday, at the invitation of the Moldovan Head of Gov’t Iurie Leanca.
‘Strategically speaking, for Romania, the most important eastern partner of the European Union is still the Republic of Moldova, so our limited power must be put to use fully to support the development of Moldova’s relationship with the European Union. I want Romania to use all its diplomatic and political resources within the European Union to support the Republic of Moldova,’ said Ponta. The Premier declared that the Government of Romania ‘fully’ supported the European Union’s position and that of the American partners that sought a rapid solution to end violence in Ukraine and initiate a democratic programme for this country.
Moldova’s priority development projects, European integration agenda and bilateral cooperation relations were the main topics Romania’s Prime Minister discussed with the Speaker of Moldova’s Parliament Igor Corman on Friday.
Romania, Moldova sign education, medical emergency agreements
The Romanian premier mentioned Moldova’s projects the Romanian Government will support. They are mainly in the areas of education, infrastructure and energy security, Moldova’s Parliament reports in a press release. Ponta is quoted as saying documents are ready for the Iasi and Galati SMURD Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication Iasi and Galati branches to step in to solve emergencies in Moldova.
In this regard, the Romanian Government and the Moldovan Government on Friday signed an agreement on education cooperation and an agreement on cooperation in medical emergencies. State Secretary with Romania’s Interior Ministry Raed Arafat signed on behalf of Romania’s Government the agreement on reciprocal support for cross-border interventions in medical emergencies. Also signed was a cooperation and assistance programme between the education ministries of the two countries. PM Ponta said the signing of the agreement on cooperation in medical emergencies will make it possible for cross-border operations that will save human lives. Moreover, he announced that the Romanian State would guarantee 80 per cent of the value of Romanian investments in the Republic of Moldova.
Also, Ponta discussed with President of the Republic of Moldova Nicolae Timofti the two states’ bilateral projects, reiterating at the same time the support Romania is willing to further provide for the Republic of Moldova’s European roadmap and for the modernization of this state.
Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline to be finalized by year-end
He also said works in Moldova on the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline are planned to be finalised by the end of the year. The Republic of Moldova’s PM thanked PM Ponta for Romania’s support given to the European course of his country, mentioning that it is not limited to the statements, but also materializes in concrete facts. Iurie Leanca said that between the two prime ministers there is an almost permanent communication.
Visa waiver, most important EU message for Republic of Moldova
The Romanian Government is also ready to provide expertise to Moldova in accessing European funds and provide information about what EU integration has meant to Romania. ‘Support statements are important, but the Romanian Government will come up with concrete things that people will feel,’ Ponta pointed out.
Moldova is awaiting a decision of the European institutions on the liberalisation of visas for Moldovan nationals and it is ready to sign an association agreement and a deep and comprehensive trade agreement with the European Union as soon as possible, Corman is quoted as saying. It is very important for the EU to show that the Republic of Moldova is a successful project, and the most important message will be the visa waiver, Victor Ponta told Radio Chisinau, within a joint broadcast with Radio Romania Actualitati. According to him, Romanian authorities must support all the actions of Chisinau to settle the issues concerning the secessionist region of Transnistria and the Gagauz autonomy, and must refrain from detrimental statements to the Republic of Moldova.
Chairman of Moldova’s Parliament also said that in the period immediately ahead representatives of the ruling coalition will carry out a public information campaign about the advantages of Moldova’s European integration.

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