PM Tudose encourages bold criticism, solutions from young participants in Gov’t internship program: Outside there are some people with #resist, you are with #insist


Premier Mihai Tudose attended on Monday the opening of the Government’s official internship programme – 2017 edition –, where he told the interns that there is the need for “new energy” in the central administration, congratulating them for choosing to do this. The Head of Government started his speech by scolding Radu Puchiu, the person responsible with the internship programme, and asking him for an explanation for the fact that this year there are fewer interns than last year.

“I’ll start by informing you that after [the event] I’ll have a very rough discussion with our colleague. Why are there only 100? Why aren’t there more seats? Last year there were more seats! Next time, we should hike it, because I understand you’re one hundred out of thirty-two hundred [candidates] or so… I mean, I know of no faculty, of no university that has 30 candidates per seat and I thank you for insisting, because outside (outside Victoria Palace – editor’s note) there are some people with #resist, you’re with #insist. See on this side of the building,” the Premier told the interns.

Tudose pointed out they will not find it easy to work within the Government.

“We should talk some more when you’re done. Possibly with those who survive the governmental administrative experience. It won’t be easy for you, it will completely change your life, you’ll see that things work differently than they should most of the time and the main purpose of the governmental side – in what concerns you – is for you to bring new energy, to criticise, to insist, to ask questions, to offer solutions, to insist with solutions where possible, because from past experience I understand some of your colleagues actually offered some very good solutions – I’m not telling you in what field so that you won’t all channel your attention to that field,” Tudose stated.

Likewise, the Head of Government pointed out he asked all members of Government to treat interns as equals.

“You deserve this. You are one hundred gorgeous youngsters who, instead of using the holiday for rest or for other more ludic purposes, preferred to join the administration,” Tudose claimed.

The Premier also gave the youngsters some advice, having experienced working with interns who were part of previous classes.

“I suggest that the first question you raise at the ministries or wherever you are should not be: when are we going home? No. Stay as long as you can. Pester my colleagues, including me. I’m telling you that today, from among your former colleagues, I have two new colleagues who are working on the public relations side, there are some of your colleagues who are working in the administration, and culminating with a former colleague of yours, from two years ago, who is at my door in my cabinet, obviously inside my office,” Tudose added.

The Premier expressed his desire to see as many of the interns as possible getting hired within the Government and public administration after the completion of their internship.

At the end, the Premier asked Radu Puchiu to ease the interns’ access to him.

“Possibly, halfway through the programme we should have an informal meeting. I’m sure you’ll be able to set up an informal meeting with one hundred people, right? Without pestering us to help you!” the Premier told the person responsible with the internship programme.

200 persons were admitted in the 2016 edition of the Government’s Internship Programme.