PMP’s Diaconescu: Victor Ponta has to choose between being presidential candidate or PM

Cristian Diaconescu, the candidate of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) for President, said on Monday that Victor Ponta has to choose between being a presidential candidate or a prime minister, declaring that ‘it is unacceptable to make promises by taking advantage of the ambiguity of this capacity’.

‘I demand him to choose between the capacity of presidential candidate and that of prime minister. It’s inadmissible that trips nationwide for electoral purposes are paid with our money, and worse, that promises are being made by taking advantage of the ambiguity of this capacity. … In short, if he wants to run in the presidential elections, he should resign as prime minister at this moment,’ Diaconescu said after the meeting of the PMP National Executive Council.

He claimed that PM Victor Ponta attended the events in Harghita county on Sunday ‘hoping to get the votes of the Szecklers’.

On the other hand, Diaconescu said that those who refer to the separation of faiths in Romania, should put aside the political aspirations and ‘stop meddling in the faith of everyone’ because ‘the Protestants, the Orthodox believers and the Catholics are all Christians,’ Diaconescu said.


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