PMP to back single candidate of Right only if he is Cristian Diaconescu

Elena Udrea said that, in the current version, PMP would back the Right’s candidate only in the runoff of the presidential elections.

The People’s Movement Party (PMP) President Elena Udrea says that the party she leads will back the variant of a single candidate of the Right in the presidential elections, if the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) and the National Liberal Party (PNL) back the PMP candidate Cristian Diaconescu, mentioning that, even he was member of PSD in the past, is better than PDL candidate’s Catalin Predoiu, or PNL candidate’s, Klaus Johannis.
‘We do not rule this out, we would really back a single candidate of the Right, but that means for PDL and PNL to back our candidate,’ Udrea said on Thursday, during a press conference in Cluj Napoca, Agerpres informs.
In this context, the PMP president criticized PDL over being the biggest opponent of President Traian Basescu. ‘This merger, the alliance between PNL and PDL, was made on an anti-President project. The paradox is that the most vocal opponents of Traian Basescu’s are those in PDL. And that was done with excluding or marginalizing the PMP electorate and the electors of President Traian Basescu. Therefore, PMP is going on its way, which also means to have its own candidate at least in the first round,’ the former Minister of Regional Development and Tourism added.
Loyal to Basescu until the very end
Referring to Traian Basescu, Udrea said that, for her entire political career, she will remain loyal to his project for Romania, considering that his vision of “what this country should be must be carried on by someone.” Her statement comes in the context when she was asked about her political evolution, if she does not want to part with the label of “politically protected by Traian Basescu”: “Many women were protected in politics, from Anca Boagiu, to Monica Macovei or Roberta Anastase. If only one took upon herself staying with the president’s project until the very end, no matter how much anger this loyalty has generated, is something different or that only one took upon herself to wage a fight that also was the president’s, until the very end. (…)” Asked if she considers the variant of Basescu taking over PMP after he concludes his presidential term, Udrea answered: “I cannot think of anything, it depends on what the president thinks.”
On the other hand, the president of PMP lashed out at some party members, including Adrian Papahagi and Teodor Baconschi, who “hit a working team” only because they did not receive posts in the party at the congress of PMP last week. “Hitting a team that worked because you did not become a Euro deputy or vice-president is unfair. I believe that the things we say to each other must be said privately, not in public,” Udrea stated.
Berceanu: Udrea believes herself Evita Peron, but she misses parts of her CV
After almost two years of staying away from politics, the former minister of Transportation, Radu Berceanu (PDL) returned to the spotlight with an interview granted to, where he made a virulent attack against Elena Udrea, PMP and Traian Basescu. “In the beginning of her career, Elena Udrea was attentive, silent, wanted to see what was going on, stick to influential people, be useful, like all those who go to a party trying to make a way for themselves. After that, she started believing herself Evita Peron, which I don’t think she is. She misses all kind of things. For example, several years from her CV. What did happen these years? Where was she? What was she doing?” the ex-minister rhetorically wonders. Speaking about his former friend and teammate Traian Basescu, Berceanu says that he is alone and does not know how to work in a team. Furthermore, he criticises the president’s decision to break PDL. In the same interview, Berceanu claims that PMP – the new favorite party of Basescu, after the president ‘parted’ with PDL – started to fall into pieces right after the European elections of May 25 and now it would not obtain more than 1.5 pc.
Answering him, Elena Udrea said that Berceanu was always the jester of PDL and now he probably tries to draw attention on him with these statements. Plus, the PMP leader said that she does not care about this politician who was never able to win votes from the electorate for any position. “The best thing he did in his career was withdrawing, as he is an example of local baron of PDL, the only difference between him and Uioreanu or others being that he never won the presidency of a county council,” Udrea said, quoted by

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