PNL and PMP MEPs – officially part of EPP group


German MEP Manfred Weber (CSU) has been elected President of the EPP group.

The Romanian Liberals’ decision to join the European People’s Party (EPP) group in the European Parliament was adopted unanimously yesterday, in Brussels, at the meeting that established the group. “Former president Joseph Daul said nice and very warm words and we are glad to be a part of a political group that is totally compatible with our objectives, with our political programme and with what we want to do at European level as PNL. We are also part of the largest and most influential group in the legislature,” Liberal MEP Cristian Busoi said, quoted by Agerpres.
The Romanian Liberal delegation joining the European People Party’s group is a step that should have been taken earlier, said the leader of the PNL delegation in the EP, Adina Valean. “I think it is an extremely important step that we should have taken earlier, but the domestic political context was unfavorable. But now it is a great opportunity to unite the right wing in Romania and for Romania to have a very strong delegation in the EPP,” Valean said. For now, the co-chairmanship of the Romanian MEP delegation to the EPP will be held by Adina Valean and Theodor Stolojan.
The two members of the Popular Movement Party (PMP) joined the EPP also yesterday. The EPP group remains the strongest group within the European Parliament, having 221 MEPs that were confirmed yesterday at the group’s constitutive meeting. The group has 6 PNL and 2 PMP representatives. At the same time, Germany’s Manfred Weber (CSU) was elected President of the EPP Group within the European Parliament on Wednesday in Brussels.