PNL files list of candidates for European elections at BEC

The list includes, among other Liberals, Norica Nicolai, Adina Valean, Cristian Busoi, Renate Weber, Eduard Hellvig, Ramona Manescu, Mihai Turcanu, Claudia Benchescu, Romeo Stavarache and Andrei Muraru.

National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman Crin Antonescu announced yesterday that the Liberals have submitted the candidacies for the European Parliament elections, hoping for a dignified representation in Europe and being convinced that the Liberals have done their duty.
‘About 1,200,000 signatures of support (…) we nominate people who, I’m referring to those running for a second term, have done their duty and hoping that the ideas, projects of the Romanian Liberals will be heard in the European structures, in the European Parliament, because this is what we are talking about. Hoping that the incoming EP and our candidates will succeed in preserving and developing the idea of a unified Europe, that changes for the good are to come, marking the emerging from a crisis and that Romania will play a dignified role, more and more important within the European structures,’ Antonescu said, quoted by Agerpres, after submitting the list of candidates for the EP elections to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC).
On the other hand, the Liberal leader said that he would not sign for the candidacy of Mircea Diaconu, the PNL former vice president, because of the ruling issued by the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ), pointing out that the situation of MEP Eduard Hellvig cannot be compared to Diaconu’s. “(…) Mr. Hellvig is subject to a lawsuit held in a court, there is no final sentence against Mr. Hellvig, unfortunately we cannot say the same when it comes to Mircea Diaconu,” Antonescu said.
On the other hand, Prime Minister Victor Ponta told a TV channel on Sunday evening that the presence of Mircea Diaconu in the European Parliament would be beneficial for Romania and would represent a true independent candidate in Brussels after “the EBA masquerade” (allusion to Elena Basescu, the youngest daughter of President Traian Basescu – editor’s note).
“If he reaps the votes from the Social-Democratic Party, I don’t mind, we have enough,” Ponta told Antena 3 private news broadcaster. He also claimed that the PNL’s attitude towards Mircea Diaconu has turned him into a victim and will help him gather signatures for his candidacy as an independent. “There is one more thing I did not understand: the story about the decision of the National Integrity Agency (ANI) and removing him from the list. I am on very good terms with Hellvig and there is nothing I would reproach him for, but he also left the Government due to a decision issued by ANI. Basically he moved up on the list replacing Diaconu. It’s not true that Diaconu was removed because of ANI, for the same reason Hellvig had to be also removed,” Ponta said. The PSD leader also said he hopes Diaconu will become a MEP, but he would lie if he said that he gives him his vote, because he votes for the PSD+PC+UNPR list.
Mircea Diaconu resigned from PNL at the middle of last week, announcing his intention to candidate for the EP elections as an independent. The former minister of culture took this decision one day after his candidacy was removed from the list of the PNL candidates for the EP. According to the Liberals’ leadership, the withdrawal of Diaconu’s candidature was a result of his situation in connection to his incompatibility and the position expressed by ANI.
Former gymnast Corina Ungureanu files candidacy for EP
Mircea Diaconu is not the only one considering an independent candidacy for the EP elections due on May 25. The former world champion gymnast Corina Ungureanu submitted yesterday to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) the candidacy file and the lists with all 103,027 signatures of support of her candidacy, compared to the minimum required of 100,000, in the race for the EP. Corina Ungureanu said she wants to become a MEP to “promote and bring out the best in Romania, because we must make us seen and heard.” The candidacy of the former world champion in gymnastics is not a surprise, given that as early as August 2013 Corina Ungureanu announced her decision to candidate as an independent for a MEP seat in this year’s elections. In order to candidate, she decided then to resign from PSD, of which she has been a member for over a year, after she had resigned from the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR).
UDMR submits MEP candidates list
UDMR submitted its list of MEP candidates with BEC yesterday, and MEPs Iuliu Winkler and Csaba Sogor are the first names on the list. Kelemen Hunor, UDMR chairman, announced the Union managed to gather over 270,000 signatures. “Our goal is to secure a strong presence, meaning two or three mandates in the EP,” he stated. Hunor pointed out the significance of mobilizing Hungarian voters, adding that Romania should not have extremist representatives in the EP. “I am convinced extremism has no place in the European world. (…) Our job is to ensure Romania has no extremist representatives in the EP or the national Parliament, and to avoid issuing debates that could generate inter-ethnic conflicts,” the UDMR leader concluded.

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