PNL-PDL merger approved by Joint Congress of the two parties

Absent from the event held on Saturday at Parliament Palace were Crin Antonescu and Emil Boc, the former leaders of the two parties.

The reprezentants of PDL and the PNL approved Saturday unanimously, in a joint congress, the protocol merger by fusion of PDL and PNL and the status of the new party. Before the joint congress of the two parties, the protocol merger between PNL and PDL was adopted and separated from PNL representatives, respectively PDL.
According to the statute of the new National Liberal Party resulted from the merger between the PNL and PDL, the colors of the new National Liberal Party will be white, blue and yellow. ‘In its political action, PNL, as a center-right party, member of the European People’s Party, seeks respect for the universal values of human freedom and dignity and the traditional values of the Romanian people, as well as the representation of ideas and the values of the Romanian democratic right-wing. The PNL motto is ‘By ourselves in Europe’, the new party statute shows.
According to the document, the new PNL has the following leadership bodies: The National Convention, the National Council, the National Directoral College and the National Political Bureau.
Also on Saturday was approved the political program of the new political party. According to the political program of this formation, the new National Liberal Party will be the party representing Romania’s modernization and will be a defender of human dignity, liberty and solidarity shows. The document espouses the political vision of the party in several domains and areas of interest important for Romanian society, suck as: Education, Agriculture, Economy, Health and Justice.
Blaga: We signed the birth certificate of the largest center-right party
PDL chairman Vasile Blaga has stated on Saturday at the Parliament Palace that the approval for the merger between PDL and the PNL is not the restoration of the Truth and Justice Alliance, of the Romanian Democratic Convention (CDR) or of the Social Liberal Union (USL), but the signing of the birth certificate of the largest center-right party in the modern history of Romania.

‘Our meeting has a historical mission’, said Blaga, co-chairman of the Liberal Christian Alliance PNL-PDL, quoted by Agerpres. He added that the PDL-PNL merger is a political project for Romanians, that will bring the full integration of Romania into the European Union. ‘And this new party, I am convinced, will send PSD into opposition and will elevate Romania to the ranks of the powerful and respected states of the European Union’, said the Democrat Liberal leader. He also said that, in a few days, will be decided the candidate of the two parties in the presidential elections in the autumn: “From the moment we have decided together who the joint candidate is we will all support him, we will line up behind him and we will support him with all our force’. According to him, the Premier Victor Ponta is ‘in confusion’: ‘Ponta will be beaten by our joint candidate and it will be the great signal of change in Romania’. In context, he said that the first political objective of PNL-PDL is to win the presidential elections, but that after this moment the merger process must continue thoroughly.
Politics must produce results, not sterile show, said Iohannis
In his turn, PNL’s chairman, Klaus Iohannis, has stated that politics must produce results, not a sterile show and that the institution of the President must be repositioned, more sobriety being needed.  ‘The President of the republic must rediscover his qualities as an arbiter and mediator (…). I want less show, less noise and, particularly, I believe that there is a need for more sobriety in exercising the position of President’, said Iohannis, during the joint congress of the National Liberal Party and the Democratic Liberal Party. In his opinion, the president must be a model of honesty, balance and good faith.
According to him, the merger between PNL and PDL is an important moment in the history of Romania: “Together with PDL we build the great National Liberal Party; we are in a historical moment”. Iohannis showed that it is the duty of the new party to make Romania a modern state, based on a liberal model of development and that this is only possible if strategic objectives are fulfilled, such as winning the Presidency of Romania and ensuring a cycle of governance at least ten years long:
Election campaign for presidential polls, a priority
One day after the PNL-PDL merger, PDL Secretary General Senator Gheorghe Flutur said the new party will have an “accurate” roadmap in the period to come and an organization “per minutes and hours” until the presidential elections. He stressed that there is an urgent need for all local structures to enter the election campaign. “Right after the appointment of our single candidate, we’ll have to start the signature collection campaign, and the specific pre-campaign and campaign actions because I am certain that the new party will give the future president of Romania and will decisively contribute to the country’s modernization in the next decade,” Flutur said.
The PNL-PDL merger made PNL lose two MPs, unhappy with the way on which the party chose to move forward under the leadership of Iohannis. Timis Senator Peter Ehegartner and deputy of Cluj, Steluta Cataniciu announced yesterday they resign from the Liberal Party to join the Liberal Reformist Party (PLR) led by Calin Popescu Tariceanu. “I hoped until the last second that PNL will give up its merger with PDL,” the two MPs said.
Political reactions
The meeting of the Democrat Liberals and the Liberals on Saturday is one between ‘representatives of the Basescu regime’ with PNL members ‘elected to posts in 2012 as representatives of the USL that fought against the ‘Regime’ at that time’, says Social Democrat Party (PSD) chairman and Prime Minister Victor Ponta. In his opinion ‘traitors win only on the short-term’. ‘I believe those of us remaining with their positions of 2012 are doing our duty in front of 7.4 million Romanians that trusted us – traitors always win only on a very short term, but their shame is compensated by a position in the ‘Party with 100 leaders’ (or a reunion of the ‘mad and the wicked’ under the same roof)’, said Ponta. The same opinion has also Dan Sova, the spokesman of the PSD, believes that the only conclusion that follows from PDL and PNL’s merger Congress on July 26 is that the goal of the new political structure is to take Romania back to the ‘pre-2012 golden age of the Basescu regime.’
“It’s a black day in the history of the (Romanian) post-revolutionary politics,” PMP leader Elena Udrea wrote on Facebook on Saturday, referring to the PNL-PDL merger. “The party of the greatest hope and the greatest electoral victories, PDL, disappears! After they destroyed the party that gave three times the mayor of Bucharest and two times the Romanian President, the party that led Romania and pulled it out of the worst economic crisis of the last 80 years, (…), those who are at its helm today have chosen to melt it in PNL. To hide the fact they are powerless to create a bright future,” Udrea argued. PDL chairman Vasile Blaga had a vehement reaction: “You’ve heard in recent weeks all sorts of lies, both from the Social Democratic Party and from the former colleagues who set up a new party by leaving the PDL. I am disgusted by the boundless hypocrisy of my former colleagues who voice their concern with respect with PDL after they had planned to destroy it,” said Blaga quoted by Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu claims that the PDL-PNL merger would be a pinnacle of the efforts made by Traian Basescu to subdue PNL, noting he used all means to preserve the identity and unity of the Liberal Party. On the other hand, Tariceanu announced that the PLR congress will be held on Aug. 1-2.
Attacks on Ponta
PDL deputy Ioan Oltean on Saturday called the statement made by PM Victor Ponta “a shame”; Ponta said the new party created as a result of the PDL-PNL merger is a party of traitors, but Oltean replied that the majority of the traitors are inside PSD. In his turn, PNL vice president Ludovic Orban taunted the premier, saying that he “shoots the ball in the bar, shoots a penalty kick without a goal keeper and if he were the only candidate, he would not be elected as president.” Also, PDL first vice president Catalin Predoiu said on Saturday at the Convention for the PDL-PNL merger that “on July 26, at 1.50 p.m., the clock on the Liberal victory started ticking,” claiming in the context that the clock on Ponta’s failure also started “ticking”.

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