PNL starts anti-PSD campaign: Stop the theft! It’s our pension money


The National Liberal Party is launching a campaign dubbed “Stop the theft! It’s our pension money,” which seeks to inform citizens about PSD’s intention to transfer money from the Pillar II Pension Fund to the public pension system, namely over EUR 9 million.

“The Government informs us that it is preparing or that it is debating a bill that would regulate – they claim – the Pillar II Pension Fund. I believe we need explanations from this standpoint, because, based on what we notice, Mr Dragnea, Mr Tariceanu and the rest of the ruling coalition are preparing exactly the same hoodwink,” PNL Vice President Dan Vilceanu stated in a press conference on Thursday.

PNL warns Romanians that their contributions to Pillar I are being used to pay the current pensions, while their contributions to Pillar II are the funds from which they will benefit when they retire.

“The Pillar II Pension Fund money belongs to the Romanians, you can leave it as inheritance. The money collected from citizens into the Pillar I Pension Fund, the state uses to pay today’s pensions. This is not an accumulation fund. Basically, all the sums we contribute to Pillar I are gone at the end of the month. The pensions are paid. The money we contribute to Pillar II is there, it’s our money and we will benefit from it when we retire,” Vilceanu points out.

As part of the campaign, 3,000 volunteers will travel to cities and communes to inform citizens, and two million flyers will be distributed throughout the country. Likewise, online campaigns will be carried out, and signatures will be collected from supporters. The campaign will end at the end of June, and a bill stipulating the raising of Pillar II contributions from 6 to 8 percent will be lodged with Parliament.

“We hope it will be voted. If not, of course, when we come to power, and we certainly will, we will promote this law,” the Liberals claim.

On Wednesday, PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated that the rumours concerning the Executive’s intention to introduce “zero contribution” to Pillar II represents “nonsense and a lie,” adding that there is no official plan to reform the pension system.