PNL’s Turcan: We can assist to a fall of the Government because of the obsession against justice and of the economic irresponsibility


The Interim President of the National liberal Party (PNL), Raluca Turcan, stated on Saturday at Cluj, in a press conference, that she is expecting the Grindeanu Governmet to fall due to some measures which the liberal leader has characterized as being “economic irresponsibility” without an “anchor”.

PNL leader Raluca Turcan says that the most recent economic measures of increasing the budgetary salaries and pensions are an “act of bravery without any economic anchor”, explaining that thus the pressure has moved on the local authorities.

“In an act of bravery without any economic anchor, it started to increase salaries everywhere and to make commitments for increasing pensions. This money must come from somewhere, but the Government hasn’t more money because they don’t have investments, and the investors are not motivated to create jobs. In these circumstances, they moved all the pressure on mayoralties and county councils, where all the expenses with the salaries must be paid from the local budgets. In many localities, the expenses exceed the incomes of the corresponding institutions” Turcan explained.

Raluca Turcan also said that she is expecting Grindeanu Government’s fall in the next three months, and this will be caused by “the obsession against justice and economic irresponsibility”.

“There’s an unprecedented blockage, and from my point of view, this situation is very likely to explode in three months from now, and Romania will get into debt increasingly more in the future generations. We can assist to a fall of the current Government, because the obsession against justice and the economic irresponsibility will certainly led them to this direction towards which they go blinded” , the PNL leader explained.


Liberal leader on party reconstruction: Large-scale project will never rely on one person alone


Acting Chair of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Raluca Turcan said on Saturday in Cluj-Napoca that the party follows its own course to reconstruction and recovery, as it embarked on a profound reform process and cannot look sideways to other right-wing formations or personalities for solutions.

The Liberal leader made the statement at a press conference, when she was asked about the reasons why former PM Dacian Ciolos has not joined the party and the liberal project so far.

“The National Liberal Party is in a period of rebuilding and regaining credibility, because some felt PNL no longer represented them. (…) Of course we want valuable persons to join us in the reform of PNL. Our doors are open to anyone who can act as an asset to PNL and wants to get involved, bringing integrity, political or professional expertise. Mr. Ciolos was PNL’s proposal for Prime Minister. Of course PNL proposed him to join the party. He said he would examine the political options at hand and will give us an answer. PNL has its own course, it cannot sit looking sideways at the Save Romania Union (USR), or other right-wing formations, we must believe in the way of PNL. Never will a large-scale project rely on one person alone,” said Raluca Turcan.

The Liberal leader denied suggestions that Ciolos may have conditioned his joining the party on support for his bid for party Chairman. Turcan underscored that such a position is won at a congress.

“We discussed with Mr. Ciolos his becoming a PNL member. Obviously any party member can run for the formation’s leading position, but a Chairman is elected. PNL plans to call the largest congress in its history, with 5,000 people attending. So we cannot wander into immature approaches, that one is instantly named Chairman. We are a party that elects its Chair,” said Turcan.


Busoi: PNL, USR and Dacian Ciolos must join forces into a stronger opposition to PSD


In his turn, PNL Secretary General Cristian Busoi said that PNL, USR and Dacian Ciolos must join forces into a stronger opposition to PSD because together with ALDE the ruling party destabilizes Romania’s macroeconomic balance.

Busoi said that the PSD government is throwing out money in populist measures, but that their true goal is to operate changes in justice.

“(…) By its actions PSD risks wiping out the efforts of the Ciolos government. The macroeconomic balance is blown up just because Dragnea has a conviction. PNL is the main force of the opposition, but I think the other opposition forces – despite their differences – USR and the formation Dacian Ciolos is trying to build must say in one voice that the direction of the PSD government is wrong and dangerous. The economic actions of the Social Democratic government are not okay, they are in a race against the clock, throwing money in the eyes of Romanians and tossing promises so that they don’t see PSD’s doings in justice. PSD does not throw out money and promises driven by generosity, but because Dragnea and PSD plan changes in justice,” said Busoi.

Raluca Turcan and Cristian Busoi participated on Saturday in Cluj, alongside MEP Daniel Buda and other PNL Cluj leaders in a press conference followed by a sitting of the County Standing Bureau.