Ponta admits existence of a tension between him and Antonescu

Despite this fact, the premier claims that, in his opinion, USL can stay united and will not break, as this is what he wants.
Premier Victor Ponta said Monday evening, commenting his relation with PNL leader Crin Antonescu, that some “things” have accumulated in time but the main issue is related to the fact that “the sirens have sung for too long at Cotroceni and we did not plug our ears with enough wax so not to hear them.” The premier admitted the existence of a tension between him and Antonescu. “There is a tension that exists, always, because I insist on the idea of solidarity. I, today, not just today, for three years, have not publicly criticised Mr. Antonescu. Today, I had to make something clear, and I think I clarified it. If I used words that upset Mr. Antonescu, I am sorry. The truth had to be spoken, which is what I said today (Monday),” Ponta said on Antena 3. He mentioned that, in his opinion, USL can stay united and will not break, which is also what he wishes. “I do not think that Mr. Antonescu has a deal with Traian Basescu. I think there were moments when what mattered more for Crin was the opinion of enemies, than that of friends,” Ponta added. Asked if Antonescu remains USL’s candidate for the presidential elections, the premier said that he has always asked Antonescu to respect the electorate of PSD: “I want a president that will unite people, or the latest statements were that PSD is not good, that the voters of PSD are this or that…” The PSD president considers that the PNL leader probably referred to President Traian Basescu when he affirmed that, “unlike others,” he has not been proven a liar.
According to Ponta, the move by which President Traian Basescu promulgated Saturday evening, near midnight, the modification of the referendum law is part of “a cheap jest” which nonetheless demonstrates that there is “a serious problem.” He added that the law of the state budget, too, will be probably delayed until midnight. Basescu promulgated the modification of the referendum law Saturday night, at 11.56 PM.
Antonescu: I take it you cannot endure when we are disunited. Get used to it!
PNL President Crin Antonescu claims that a split-up of USL is imminent after the New Year, if disputes within the Union continue. “If this kind of things (disputes) continue, I fear that it will happen. But, as long as we are in activity, to say so, as long as the things that pertain to government, to legislation go on normally, and I salute with this regard the fact that PSD understood to withdraw the amnesty law or delay it, or whatever they do to it in order to take it off the agenda, we try moving forward together,” Antonescu stated. Asked if he sees a way to end his dispute with PM Victor Ponta after what happened Monday, liberal president answered: “I am no longer interested by reconciliations, by friendships, when things go this far we cannot speak about such things anymore. I am interested to save decency. Because if things get pathologic, with 12 people who were present… one get scared. But I want to be decent.” Later, when asked if he discussed with the premier about the situation of USL, Antonescu mentioned yesterday that he has nothing to discuss with Ponta about Monday. Furthermore, asked if he plans to meet the premier, he explained that he will probably meet him at the CSAT meeting due to be held yesterday at Cotroceni, then added: “I take it you cannot endure when we are disunited. Get used to it!”

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