Ponta: Brok is a demagogue, irresponsible, populist

Premier Victor Ponta stated on Monday, according to HotNews that German MEP Elmar Brok is “a demagogue, irresponsible and populist,” and has a “Nazi, Fascist” mindset just like PDL MEP Monica Macovei.
“We have demagogue, irresponsible, populist politicians like Mr. Brok, who often intervened in Romania too and were given ample media coverage by Basescu’s press, being presented as some extraordinary MEPs. But, on this occasion, we found out what they think about Romanians: that they have to fingerprint us that we should all probably be kept behind electrified fences. These are Macovei’s friends. Why are you surprised? In fact, they think alike. Nazi mindset. Mrs. Macovei has a Fascist, Nazi mindset too. So does Mr. Brok. Birds of a feather flock together,” Ponta said.
The press wrote that Elmar Brok, the chairman of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, recently stated that the immigrants who go to Germany solely for benefits should be rapidly sent back to their countries of origin and should be fingerprinted. The PSD delegation within the EP has already announced it will ask Elmar Brok to resign from the positions he holds within the EP.

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