Ponta: Forging PNL-PDL alliance without Antonescu would pose problems


PSD chairman Victor Ponta admitted on Monday night that an alliance between PNL and PDL would pose problems to PSD with a view to the presidential elections, so long as they would not have Crin Antonescu as candidate. “If Antonescu were their candidate, there would be no problem, as I do not think either the PDL supporters would vote for him, or the PNL voters who barely voted 12 to 13 (e.n. – percent at the EP elections) at the most,” said Ponta, quoted by Mediafax.
On the other hand, the PM said that one of the “embarrassing” moments during the debate on the PNL no-confidence motion on Monday night was to see Crin Antonescu shoulder to shoulder with Vasile Blaga and Elena Udrea “unconcealed, willing to cooperate,” saying that he would not have imagined him like that. Inquired whether he would admit Radu Stroe into PSD, Ponta answered: “Yes, why not?” Inquired whether former Minister of Finance Daniel Chitoiu could become a PSD member if he is excluded from PNL, the PM gave a negative answer, adding “Do they exclude him too? They will exclude so many there will be just a handful left.” He said that he trusts he has people with whom he could rebuild USL after the Monday events within PNL, whose leaders resigned en masse. “From our point of view, we are waiting to see whether the PNL congress is going to elect pro-USL, anti-Basescu leaders, or pro-Basescu. We will have nothing to do with pro-Basescu leaders, but of course we will cooperate with pro-USL, anti-Basescu leaders,” Ponta said.
Regarding the episode in which former PM Tariceanu was invited out of the room from the session of PNL Standing Delegation, the PM said he was officially invited by the general secretary of the liberals Rares Manescu: “I guarantee you that PSD does not invite someone out if they invite them, this is a matter of common sense, speaking of common sense.” He said Tariceanu is placed by all surveys on the top five positions of trust, whereas the resigned leader of PNL Crin Antonescu barely makes the top ten.