Ponta: I will run for president if a candidate part of USL plan cannot win

The PM also said he hasn’t time to achieve all his objectives by fall.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said late on Monday that he will decide on his candidacy to the presidential elections only after May 25, the date of the European Parliament elections, pointing out he is confident that the political project of the Social Liberal Union (USL) will be revived thereafter.
When asked if he made up his mind whether to candidate for Romania’s president or not, Victor Ponta told Antena 3 private news broadcaster said that he would take this decision after the Euro-elections. ‘I will run in the presidential elections only if I am not truly confident that a president that is part of this plan, the USL plan to change the Basescu regime, can win the elections. I will candidate only under these circumstances. Anyway, I will make up my mind after May 25, because, I’m not wishing somebody’s harm, but I truly believe that after May 25, the USL, as a political project, can be in force once again,’ Ponta said.
The USL project, abandoned by the National Liberal Party (PNL) in late February, three years after its establishment, promoted the candidacy of Liberal leader Crin Antonescu for the head of state in the presidential elections to be held at the end of this year. However, the prime-minister said the party should convene its Congress to choose a candidate endorsed by PSD, as the party’s statutes require. Ponta said the date for this Congress is due to be set between May 25 and September 17.
When asked if he intends to quit politics this fall, Ponta said he does not believe he has time to achieve all his objectives by then.  ‘I do not think one must be a politician forever, I believe one must have a project, and when that project is developed, that one does something else. I’m not like Mr. Basescu, that I must remain in this position, I believe that one remains in politics as long as one has some things to change and achieve,’ Ponta said.
Target: Defeating Basescu’s regime
As a matter of fact, Victor Ponta, commenting an earlier post on Facebook, explained that he had intended to send several messages, first of all that focus is on defeating President Traian Basescu’s regime and on the steps to take after that.
‘I do not want to be president or prime minister at all costs. (…) I wanted to give some very clear messages. Firstly, the project for [the presidential election in] November is not to make Ponta, Ionescu or Popescu [very common Romanian names, analogue to Smith or Johnson] president. The project is about truly changing Basescu’s regime and replacing it with a better one. (…) Secondly, I wanted to say that the vital thing is not Ponta being president or prime minister, but what we are going to do afterwards,’ Ponta told the Antena 3 TV station. He also pointed out that the power must not be concentrated in President’s hands as long as the Prime Minister is the one running the everyday business.
PSD candidates for EP elections, unveiled in two weeks’ time, at the latest
Victor Ponta also announced on Monday at the Parliament Palace that his party will come up with candidates for the special parliamentary elections of May 25 in two weeks’ time, at the latest. ‘We have not elected all the candidates for the May 25 special elections. As you may know, May 4 is the deadline for submitting of candidates and most likely in two weeks’ time, at the latest, we will have the candidates for the seven colleges,’ Ponta said at Parliament Palace.

PM’s Control Body to notify Prosecution Office of exchange of lands in Nana locality

The Prime Minister’s Control Body will notify the Prosecution Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice in connection to the exchange of the plots of land in the Nana locality, the county of Calarasi, after establishing the existence of illegal operations and documents meeting the constitutive elements of some offenses, according to the report of the Control Body quoted by Agerpres. The report contains information about the way in which the Berfige SRL company purchased plots of land in the area and sold them afterwards to notary public Ioana Basescu, President Traian Basescu’s elder daughter, in Sept. 2013.
PM Ponta had told Antena 3 on Monday that 80 per cent of Nana plots of land had been rendered illegally, President Basescu being the final beneficiary. In retort, president Basescu said during the Interior Ministry’s meeting assessing its 2013 activity that prosecutors can investigate the purchasing of Nana plots of land. “Please, do investigate immediately, and if we talk about breaking the law, they should institute legal proceedings against Romania’s President himself. But I tell you, I am disengaged in front of you and anyone else”, Basescu told the audience.

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