Ponta: I will run for President if PSD, UNPR, PC believe I am the solution

The Premier made this statement on Saturday, at the launch of PSD-UNPR-PC alliance to the European Parliament election.

The electoral alliance made up of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) and the Conservative Party (PC) for the May 25 European elections stakes on the concepts ‘Proud to be Romanians!’, ‘Romania Powerful in Europe’ and ‘USL is Alive!’ (the Social Liberal Union), by using landmark images of Romania and the colours red, yellow and blue, according to a document published on the PSD website.
‘For the first time in Romania, a political structure presents transparently and openly the campaign concept it will stake upon in the European elections, as well as the arguments based on which the slogans, messages and visual elements to be used in the campaign have been chosen,’ PSD Executive Chairman Liviu Dragnea, the coordinator of the alliance’s election campaign, says in the beginning of the above-mentioned document, quoted by Agerpres. ’
The event was preceded by the launch of PSD-UNPR-PC alliance to the European Parliament election, which took place on Saturday in Bucharest, at Romexpo. With this occasion, national leader of the PSD, Prime Minister Victor Ponta, said that he will run for Romania’s President if his colleagues in the electoral alliance will believe he is the best suited candidate.
Ponta explained that his speech to the event where the candidates of the PSD-UNPR-PC alliance to the EP were launched should not be construed as the official announcement of his candidature, but a recitation of the reasons why he did not consider in 2004 and 2009 President Traian Basescu to be a real president of Romania ‘I have already said that we take the final decision together and that no matter my position in the team I will say yes. If all of us agree that this is the best solution, then yes, I will run. We will arrive at a decision together after May 25,’ Ponta said.  He added that when his possible run for President is mentioned, it is not some personal decision.
The Premier has resumed the idea about his candidacy for presidential election in his speech at the Congress of the PC, event which took places also Saturday, at Romexpo. ‘I will not run for President, unless I get PC’s endorsement. As you can see, I have prepared myself to win your benevolence. I am already wearing a tie that matches your colours. I have noticed some wearing red ties, and I want to thank them,’ said Ponta. He assured incumbent PC national leader Daniel Constantin that together they will win this autumn’s presidential election. ‘I still believe in the political project named the Social Liberal Union (USL), the one that has dealt the harshest blows to the Basescu regime. On Sunday, we will celebrate two years of USL. I believe USL continues to exist, that we are USL,’ said the Prime Minister.
In his turn, PC national leader Constantin said Victor Ponta has the full support of the Conservatives for the presidential race.

Schulz: ‘I will never accept the idea of first class-second class European citizens’

President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz said on Saturday, in Bucharest, that he will never accept the idea that there are first class and second class European citizens. “Our Europe is a Europe that puts its citizens first and foremost,” Schulz told at ceremony where the candidates to the European Parliament of the PSD -UNPR – PC electoral alliance were unveiled. According to him, the fight against corruption has not been won in many European countries, but Romania is not alone in this fight.
The Romanians have a say as to what kind of Europe they want and they should keep in mind that the European Parliament makes decisions on important things that affect them directly, so that they should not give up on their voting right in the European elections this May, Schultz also told in an interview to Agerpres.
On the other hand Schulz declared himself in favour of the enforcement of European sanctions on Russia ‘if necessary’, but also expressed his desire for the governments ‘to tell their citizens that sanctions also have an impact on us, and not just on the Russians.’
A day before, Martin Schultz, paid a visit to the platform at Magurele (south-east of Bucharest), the site of the works for building the most important research facility of Romania – ELI-NP (the very high intensity laser). ‘(…) It is an example of collaboration in the EU for high-class research, leading to European development and investments. It is an enormous progress not only for Romania, but also for the EU, which has invested a lot of money in this place,’ Schulz said.

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