Ponta: President’s “offspring” parties will get more votes than PNL at EP elections

PSD leader claims that USL will be rebuild after the elections on May 25 out of this reason.

PSD chairman, Prime-Minister Victor Ponta said on Monday night at Antena 3 TV channel that the Social-Liberal Union (USL) can be remade after the European Parliament elections on May 25 when the liberals will notice that Traian Basescu’s “offspring” parties, PDL and PMP, will together get more votes than PNL.
It is the third time when the PSD leader speaks publicly about the possibility of USL rebuild in the past two weeks, as Ponta claimed that PSD did not lose from the Union breakup, but “Basescu and his offspring parties are gaining,” “regardless if they are called PMP or PDL, it is the same Basescu’s muck, and they will get more votes than PNL together, which was not the case in December in the surveys, but I believe reason and the fact that, unfortunately, we passed through these politically difficult moments which prove I was right, will lead to the reconstruction of USL at least until we see Basescu leaving his office,” said Ponta.
The Head of government replied to the accuses made by Traian Basescu, according to which he was to redirect the money from the extra excise fuel tax to the Ministry of Development led by vice-prime minister Liviu Dragnea. “When Mrs. Udrea was minister and the people had their pensions and salaries cut, mind you, she had a budget double in size compared to how much the Ministry of Development has now. The younger and more feminine version of Basescu relies exactly on the short memory of people and on the fact that people can be fooled more than once by the same persons,” said the PM.
As for his possible candidacy to the presidential elections, he said it is too early to say anything, and that the USL rebuilding would mean that a candidate would come up.
“We, the PSD, the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) and the Conservative Party (PC), have been very devoted to the Social Liberal Union project, so we had a presidential candidate. Unfortunately, now, USL does not exist anymore, but it may exist again after May 25. We may recreate the USL and thus get a candidate. Anyone can be the candidate, but the most important thing for us in 2014 is governing the country well,’ said Ponta.
No ethnic autonomy in Romania
On the other hand, the PSD leader said Romania will never accept ethnic autonomy. He added that Harghita and Covasna counties receive more from the central budget than they contribute with and they depend on money redistribution, as Bucharest contributes with more than 20 per cent to the budget: “Autonomy means the development of local structures on economic, social, cultural criteria, never ethnic. From this point of view, the topic is closed for us. On the other hand, I know very well that UDRM or all the Hungarian minority parties have supported an idea o autonomy which is not functional in other states either.” He claims that a cooperation relation with UDMR is a much better solution than turning the Union members into radicals and make them feel really persecuted. As for the UDMR leaders’ statements for autonomy, Ponta said that these were “more like meant for the election campaign.”
The PM reaction comes after UDMR chairman Kelemen Hunor, vice-PM in the Romanian Government, said, on occasion of launching the Union candidates in the MEP campaign, that the South Tirol and Catalonia must be “brought to Ardeal,” urging the Hungarians to go to vote, otherwise the place of the Hungarian MEPs will be taken by Romanians.

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