Ponta promised Oprea that PP-DD will not join governance, sources say

Ponta presumably discussed the topic with Oprea in a UNPR work session which he attended yesterday at Parliament headquarters.

The representatives of UDMR do not seem to be the only party dissatisfied with the possible inclusion of PP-DD in the governing alliance. Social Democratic sources cited by Realitatea TV claim PM Victor Ponta promised UNPR leader Gabriel Oprea that PP-DD will not make the alliance. Ponta presumably discussed the subject with Oprea in a UNPR work session which he attended yesterday at Parliament headquarters.
The Prime Minister’s participation in the session was only made public subsequently in a press release by UNPR’s Press Office. According to the release, Deputy Prime Minister and UNPR chairman Gabriel Oprea, Union representatives, MPs, and local party members also took part in the meeting. The Prime Minister underlined that he relies on UNPR’s support – a party with which PSD has concluded a political alliance (ACS) legally valid until 2020 – in achieving his Government’s objectives, the same source reports. In turn, the chairman of UNPR, Gabriel Oprea, remarked that the partnership with PSD is fair, and emphasized the importance of Victor Ponta becoming president for Romania as a country, referring to UNRP’s continued efforts to raise a million signatures to support the PM’s candidacy. It was the first time the PSD leader attended one of UNPR’s work sessions, in the context of UDMR’s objections to PSD joining forces with PP-DD and the possibility of the party founded by journalist Dan Diaconescu becoming part of the governance.
On Tuesday night, Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta said that he hopes a result might be reached next week as regards planned collaboration with the Dan Diaconescu – People’s Party (PP-DD) and he stressed a possible change of the Government’s structure will be discussed beforehand with his PSD allies – the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), the Conservatives (PC) and the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR).
‘We have just discussed that we have no result and we’ll discuss next week, when there is a result. The UNPR and PC are also governing partners (besides the UDMR) and if we want to change something in the Government’s structure, we will discuss it together,’ Ponta said when asked to comment on the UDMR leader’s remarks about getting the PP-DD into Government. He added: ‘There were no negotiations, it was a technical discussion by (PSD senior leader) Liviu Dragnea and the secretary general. I did not meet the PP-DD leaders, so I cannot tell you more’. Should one of the governing allies have a different opinion of taking the PP-DD into the Government structure, the PSD will consider it, since ‘the PSD is a serious partner,’ Ponta said.
PSD executive President Liviu Dragnea expressed a similar opinion after Tuesday evening’s coalition meeting. “Everybody had better calm down,” Dragnea stated in reference to UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor’s statements. He equated such discussions with “Murphy’s law.” “As soon as we have more information, we will meet with the members of PP-DD. We are not ruling them out and we don’t wish to close all avenues of discussion with them,” the Deputy Prime Minister added.
When asked whether UDMR or UNPR have asked PSD to stop negotiations with PP-DD, Dragnea replied, “PSD is not a second-hand party from which anyone can make such categorical claims, to put it mildly. We are not in the habit of asking for such actions from our partners and neither are they.” The three areas of collaboration were established in the first round of talks with PP-DD representatives, namely regional, Parliamentary, and governmental, the PSD leader concluded.
Marko: Unless UDMR agrees to it, PP-DD not to join Government
On the other hand, the leader of UDMR senators, Marko Bela said that inviting a new party into a coalition government is possible only with the agreement of all parties and adds that PP-DD is a populist party, with no vision on Romania’s future. ‘’Here, it is not about only the image but also about programmes. We entered a particular coalition, every time in fact, not only this time, because we felt that we had compatible programmes and that through this alliance we can achieve important things in the Government. As to co-opting some parties which, as far as I know, actually have no conception, no vision regarding the future of the country, I think that would be beneficial to no one,’ the UDMR senator said in an interview with RFI, quoted by Agerpres. He is accusing PP-DD of populism: ‘What I see [at PP-DD] is demagoguery, populism that not only is not needed in the Romanian politics, but which actually endangers the achievement of such concepts. (…) I would not agree to be in the same coalition or alliance with a party that beyond such populism and demagoguery cannot offer anything to the country.’ Marko Bela said that PP-DD would not join the Government if UDMR opposed it and pointed out that the Government is not made up only of social-democrats.

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