Ponta: Romania joins US and EU’s position on Ukraine

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Wednesday reiterated Romania’s message of taking a coordinated position with the political stand of the US and the EU concerning the situation in Ukraine, of condemning the terrorist attacks that killed so many innocent people, that the Russian Federation must be compelled to assume moral and political responsibility, and also a message of support for determined action by the European and transatlantic communities to punish those responsible.
‘I wanted to send a very clear message on behalf of Romania with respect to what happened in Ukraine, a message of solidarity and coordination with the political position of the US, of our European partners, of condemnation of what happened in Ukraine, where so many innocent lives were lost in the terrorist attacks, of moral and political responsibility that should be assumed by the Russian Federation and also a message reiterating Romania’s readiness to back determined actions by the European and transatlantic communities, so that such acts should not go unpunished,’ the Prime Minister said at the government meeting, according to Agerpres.
While in Brussels on Tuesday to attend the Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) meeting, the Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister stated that Romania is determined to “substantially” contribute to the EU Counsel Mission for Ukraine, and emphasized that Bucharest continues to support the regime of sanctions against Russia, the MAE informs.
During Tuesday’s FAC meeting, EU Foreign Affairs Ministers made “a firm call for all parties in the field, particularly the separatist groups active in the region, to immediately allow expert crews access to the scene of the crash (editor’s note – of the Malaysian Airline airplane) in order to retrieve the bodies of the victims,” an MAE press release notes.  The Foreign Affairs Council has approved a substantial package of restrictive measures aimed at entities and persons who have contributed to undermining Ukraine’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty. Furthermore, the ministers authorized the Council and the European Commission to finalize preparations for adopting new sanctions on defense, among others, including double-use products, high technology in the energy sector, and access to the capital market.

The head of Romanian diplomacy also noted that the Malaysian Airlines plane crash tragically calls attention to the effects of the conflict in Ukraine on the entire international community and once again underlines the need for a peaceful and sustainable solution.
Johannis: Romania highly interested in Ukraine’s destabilisation ending
National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman Klaus Johannis says Romania is highly interested in Ukraine’s destabilisation coming to end and appreciates EU’s decision on establishing the Advisory Mission for this country.
He shows that the meeting on Tuesday of the Foreign Ministers of the European Union proves the member states’ determination for a firmer involvement meant to create the conditions for initiating a thorough and credible international investigation for identifying the persons responsible for the aviation tragedy occurred in the east of Ukraine.
‘I note the EU’s concern for the respect granted to justice, the fact that even in these moments of maximum tension, it is not the political statements that prevail in Brussels, but the imperative of the rule of law. I dare say that in Bucharest, too, we should more find ourselves having this kind of approach,’ Johannis says in a release remitted to Agerpres on Wednesday.
He underscores that firm action by the international community and by the EU, in particular, is needed to find out the truth about the tragic aviation occurrence of Ukraine, pointing out that ‘such a drama compels us to have an unequivocal behaviour, because the values of the democratic world should be above the particular interests of one state or another.’
‘The fact that the EU Foreign Ministers have given a mandate to the European Council and Commission to complete the preparations for adopting new sanctioning measures, covering inclusively dual use products or the high technology products in the energy area, shows that the EU wants to prove it can also adopt unequivocal measures,’ Johannis shows.
He concludes that Romania is highly interested in Ukraine’s destabilisation ending and in putting a stop to this crisis with such serious consequences for the security of the Black Sea area.

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