Ponta slams Basescu’s family alleged ties with Gazprom

Premier said when it comes down to money, the president is not anti-Russia anymore. “I believe we should not be either anti- or pro-Russia. We should be pro-Romania, which Traian Basescu has never been (…),” said Ponta.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta criticized President Traian Basescu several times yesterday in the opening of the meeting of PSD National Standing Committee. He said the Social-democrats should authenticate laws at Ioana Basescu’s notary public office to make sure the president does not block them, by sending them back to the Parliament. “We prepare the parliamentary session where we re-vote all the good laws for Romania which, unfortunately, the President blocks. I was thinking we should authenticate them at the notary public office of Ioana Basescu, just to make sure he promulgates and does not block them. But, if we cannot do this, you should re-vote them in the Parliament and what is vital is that the laws should pass, because they are major laws,” said Ponta, giving the example of the Law on purchasing land, the Law on renewable energy and the Law on the public-private partnership. “The law about the conditions regarding purchase of land is very important in my opinion and there is another very important matter all Romanian people are waiting for, the Energy Law, so that the price of energy should not go up. Then the public-private partnership law, because after Comarnic-Brasov, which we hope we will sign in April, I would like to continue the project with Pitesti-Craiova and bridge over the Danube at Braila-Galati and the other projects we have in store and we need laws for,” said Ponta.
Answering to a question regarding the situation of Gazprom related to Basescu family, Ponta claimed that the president is not “anti-Russian” anymore “when it comes down to money.”  “After so many years Traian Basescu has posed as the great anti-Russian, it turns out he is not so anti-Russian after all. When it comes down to money, he is not anymore,” said Ponta. “I believe we should not be either anti- or pro-Russia. We should be pro-Romania, which Traian Basescu has never been, this year especially,” added Ponta. The Prime Minister also claimed Basescu “is thinking about his money and his family’s money,” and gave assurances he personally does not have any contracts with companies from Russia.
President Basescu exchanged some words with a journalist of Antena 3 on Thursday during a press conference, a journalist who asked him about a contract which Ioana Basescu might have with a subsidiary of Gazprom, and the Head of State accused him of lying, like “Voiculescu the man of Securitate (Romanian communist secret service).
Presidential aide: Basescu could be suspended for high treason
Presidential aide Sebastian Lazaroiu wrote on Sunday night on his Facebook account about a possible scenario aiming at a new suspension of Traian Basescu: “This is the plan of the heated minds of the criminals. The concocted scandal Gazprom – Traian Basescu, the Russians’man – suspension in the Parliament for high treason. And the West will not say anything because this is of course a sanction the Parliament inflicts to the Russians,” wrote Sebastian Lazaroiu. “I know you will tell this sounds like SF. But your minds are not suppressed by the fear of prison,” finished the presidential aide.

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