Ponta still refuses countersigning the decrees sent by Basescu

Targeted are former management team of ICR and the chief of STS, Marcel Opris.

Premier Victor Ponta said  that, by refusing to countersign the awarding of medals to the former management team of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) he obtained the result he wanted, i.e. he made a point that medals must be awarded for merits and services to the state, not to a political leader.
“Before ending his second term of office, Basescu wants to reward with medals the people that were loyal to him – not to Romania – people who acted wrongly in administering public institutions, as the Court of Audits has demonstrated. If this is what President Basescu wants and if Mr. (Mircea) Mihaies (former vice-president of ICR) wants a medal signed by me, I believe he does not deserve it, but I wish him to enjoy that medal awarded by Basescu for services made to Basescu,” Ponta stated, quoted by Mediafax. Asked if he sticks to his opinion about Mihaies being a fascist, Ponta answered: “If you read his works, I think he would agree to this himself.” Asked what he has against the other members of the former leading team of the Institute, the premier explained that he refers to how they managed public money, during the mandate of Mihaies with ICR, and to his far-right opinions publicly expressed.
On the other hand, Victor Ponta announced that he will countersign the medal awarding decree for the chief of the Special Telecommunications Service (STS), Marcel Opris, if this is what CC decides, adding however that rewarding him with a medal is an error as he also could keep his office after the aviation accident in the Apuseni Mountains. “The chief of ISU, the minister of Interior, the chief of ROMATSA lost their positions, Opris kept his. Now to even give him a medal for this, I think it is a mistake,” Ponta stated. But the real problem is not Opris or the former management of ICR, it is whether the president gives medals to people who served the country, or served his person, Ponta added.
Ponta’s answers come after President Basescu complained at the Constitutional Court (CC) about the fact that the prime minister did not countersign several decrees for awarding medals to “high personalities that secured the leadership of ICR during 2005-2012,” including: Horia-Roman Patapievici, Tania Radu, Mircea Mihaies and Dan Croitoru. Basescu also sent the PM a decree for a medal to the chief of STS, proposed to receive the title of Commander of the National Order Star of Romania. “The premier has countersigned more than 200 medal awarding decrees since 2012 and rejected that referring to the Romanian Cultural Institute and another one, sent these days, which has not been returned yet, but will not be signed by the premier, on the name of Marcel Opris,” government sources informed.
Mihaies sues Ponta for calling him ‘fascist’
Writer Mircea Mihaies will file a lawsuit against Victor Ponta for the statement about the former vice-president of ICR having “fascist ideas and attitudes,” ‘Evenimentul zilei’ reported yesterday. “It is yet another of Ponta’s daily stupidities”, Mircea Mihaies said. In their turn, representatives of the Timisoara Society expressed their indignation at the attitude of the premier, who refused countersigning the awarding by the Presidency of medals to the former leading team of ICR, adding that Ponta has rudely offended the Timisoara-born writer Mircea Mihaies.
“We protest publicly against such a rude insult against a public personality that was dedicated, since the 1990s, to democratic principles and the rule of law and who rejected, on countless occasions, anti-Semitism, racism and primitive nationalism. We ask all well-intended intellectuals to reject such totalitarian aggressions against people with cultural and civic ideas different from those of the barons of Premier Victor Ponta,” reads a communique issued by the Timisoara Society.
In his turn, the minister of Culture, Kelemen Hunor disagrees with Premier Victor Ponta, who called the former vice-president of ICR, Mircea Mihaies “a fascist”, as the UDMR leader told RFI that he personally worked well with Horia-Roman Patapievici and Mircea Mihaies. “I do not endorse this statement and do not agree with it. Of course, the premier is totally entitled to being very firm with this regard, but as far as I am concerned, I do not have such problems with either Patapievici or Mihaies,” Kelemen Hunor said.

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