Ponta tells ministers to spend money allotted for investments


Prime Minister Victor Ponta has asked ministers on Tuesday to finalize the spending of money allotted for investments, emphasizing that these funds were not cut, as was stated in public circles, but their spending was not concluded for reasons pertaining to, among others, procedures.

‘We have enough work this week and next week. I want to accelerate all the projects that we have ongoing. I will say it again: what Mr. Basescu said about the economic disaster is not happening. We have economic growth, we have economic policies in place, that first help the people, but at the same time that we need to improve. I have discussed once again with the Minister for Budget and important investment projects are still available, projects that due to weather, or due to procedures that are longer and more contested and complicated, we still do not have in development. I want to ask you all to take care of spending the investment money that have been allotted to you. Nobody cut a dime from investments, but they haven’t been spent’, said the Prime Minister.

Ponta added that he knows that everything ‘will be contested’.

‘I know that everything is contested, I know that everything will be inspected and there are people who do not want to sign for fear of something happening to them, but these things can be felt on a medium and long term and you have projects that we do not complete due to procedures and the blockage at the third and fourth level of each ministry and institution’, said the Prime Minister.

President Traian Basescu stated last week that reducing investments by 22.5 percent since the first quarter of last year is the fundamental cause in the slowdown of the economy.