Ponta threatens to suspend Basescu again

The Prime Minister claims “this time no European partner will defend Basescu” if the Constitutional Court rules that he cannot be part of the election campaign and he continues to get involved in the parties’ campaign.

Every passing day, the arguments between the President and the Prime Minister escalate, thing backed up by the increasingly poignant statements made by the two political leaders.
After the attack performed by Traian Basescu during the weekend, it was Victor Ponta’s turn to reply. PSD leader said on Sunday night at Antena 3 that the suspension procedure of the Head of State will commence if the Constitutional Court will rule on May 21 that he cannot be part of the election campaign but he continues these actions.
“If he does not respect the Court rule, not only that we will commence the suspending procedure but I guarantee you that this time, no European party, maybe some intellectuals of Basescu who will shout out loud, no one will defend him,” said Ponta, quoted by Mediafax. He said he does not expect, no matter the rule of the Court, Basescu to reconsider, over his final months of mandate.
“No way, he will still be an irresponsible, reckless president. I expect, however, and this was the direction of our complaint to the Court, I expect to set some rules, which were implicit and observed by Ion Iliescu and Emil Constantinescu, some common-sense rules for the next president, prime minister, officials,” said the PM.
Inquired what he is going to do whether Basescu will try, through the state institutions, to hurt him or those close to him, to arrest him or fabricate files at political order, as the talk show moderator alluded to the protest of some PSD members against the institutions “controlled by Basescu” who are “at odds” with the positive report of the Government about DNA, Ponta answered: “I believe the problem is not about institutions anymore, but of some people put there … infiltrated in various institutions of the state, who are still willing to do services to the one who appointed them.”
“I am not afraid of suspension, I will vote PMP and I will make statements about it,” Basescu says
President Basescu told Adevarul Live on Monday that he is not afraid of being suspended in view of impeachment from his position and he sent a message to the Prime Minister that he will vote with the Popular Movement Party and will make public statements in which he will not hide this option.
The president added that Ponta’ “temptation” to use the state in the political battle is “obvious.” “Look what he does with the Control Body. This is a person with huge ambitions and wants to be the Alpha male in Romanian’s state establishment, which is not good, because the balance between powers will be lost,” added Basescu.
PDL chairman Vasile Blaga believes the discussion about a possible suspending of President Basescu is “another attempt to monopolize the political discourse.” “PM Ponta and President Basescu are getting on very well, there is a co-habitation pact between them. I do not believe this measure made by Ponta,” said Blaga, quoted by realitatea.net. He said neither Ponta nor Basescu are talking about Europe and the European Parliament, although the MEP elections are close.
We remind that the Government complained to the Constitutional Court on May 6 regarding the involvement of President Traian Basescu in the election campaign for the European Parliament elections on May 25. In the complaint submitted, the PM claims the Head of State manifested on numerous occasions, at public events, his support for a certain political party, as the president’s attitude being to nominate directly the political party he is going to vote, as well as the active popularization of the political icons of this party, namely PMP. Shortly after the complaint sent to the Court, Basescu said that he categorically did not break the fundamental law and referred to the Court notification in 20007, saying “the president does not come from the sky.”
Ponta: I’m not ruling out the possibility to run for presidency
On the other hand, Prime Minister said that, after May 25, he was going to officially propose to PNL to return to the government and restore the USL alliance. Asked when he was going to announce his candidacy for presidency, Victor Ponta said that he has two possibilities to consider: ‘The first one, in which I believe the most, and I hope not to offend anyone by saying this, is to renew my invitation to the PNL to join us again in the USL alliance, in which case we are going to have the same candidate, the best there is, according to polls. The second one, in case the first one fails and PNL decides to continue alone, is to choose our (PSD-Social Democratic Party-PC-Conservative Party-UNPR-National Union for the Progress of Romania) own candidate to run in the elections for presidency and I’m not ruling out the possibility that this candidate could be me.’
He refused to nominate possible candidates for the position of Prime Minister in case he would become President. In exchange, Ponta specified that, in this case, the head of the Executive should be choosing from among ‘those people who have the capacity to actually do the job, because the job of a President is a lot easier than the job of the Prime Minister.’ ‘If we restore USL, then obviously the Prime Minister should be from the other party,’ he pointed out.

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