Ponta to Antonescu: I won’t regret Basescu, but you won’t get to Cotroceni

PNL chairman Crin Antonescu sent the message to PM Victor Ponta “You’ll regret Basescu” on Sunday at Ploiesti, explaining that if he gets President he will not sign any co-habitation pacts, and Ponta will no longer be part of government.

There was a tough exchange of words between PSD and PNL leaders, Victor Ponta and Crin Antonescu, in the beginning of the election campaign for the MEP elections on May 25. Present in Ploiesti on Sunday afternoon, where he participated in the launching of the liberal candidates for the EP elections, Crin Antonescu made a harsh attack upon Victor Ponta, sending him the message that he will regret Traian Basescu. “…You will regret Basescu from a reason, namely that if I get president, I will not sign a co-habitation pact because the Constitution is enough for me, the laws of the country are enough for me, and the vote the people give me to get president is enough for me. I don’t need any co-habitation, I don’t need any barons, I don’t need this or that individual,” Antonescu sent the message to Ponta, quoted by Mediafax.
Besides, he said the decision of Ponta to run for presidency is made “for a long time, much earlier than the USL break-up,” adding it is Ponta’s right to candidate, but that this is “another sample of hypocrisy.” “We are witnesses to a sort of post-communist PSD ritual, a ritual in which the people are asking the party, the party is asking Ponta, Ponta is going and asks for permission from PC and so on.” Moreover, the PNL leader claims that, apart from PM Ponta, the government “are manifesting themselves only during inclement weather,” saying that the two ministers leading major ministries, Justice and Foreign Affairs, “have a very low profile” and there are talks about the minister of Justice “whether he truly exists or not.”
On the other hand, Antonescu said that PNL will probably no longer be interested in forging new alliances ‘for a long time,’ adding that PNL is open to dialogue with other political forces or social groups.
The prime minister reacted to the message sent by his former alliance partner, saying the PNL chairman is wrong when he sends him he will regret Traian Basescu in case the liberal gets president, Ponta saying he is never going to regret the current Head of State, and Antonescu will never get to Cotroceni. “He could have got there (Antonescu to Cotroceni, editor’s note) as USL candidate. As he is not…However, he is wrong in both cases, I will not regret Basescu, let him rest assured,” Ponta said yesterday.
Another exchange of words took place between PM Ponta and leader of Civic Force, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, after the former reminded by posting on his Facebook page, that it is two years on Sunday since the no-confidence motion was adopted by which Ungureanu Government was demoted.
“It was the first USL victory and of all Romanians against Basescu regime! Liviu, Crin, Daniel, 235 MPs and millions of Romanians stood by me then! I send them my gratitude and I am sure we will win the righteous war on November 16 which we started then,” reads the posting.
Ungureanu’s reply came on Facebook as well: “Two years ago, the Government fell due to our lack of experience in making compromises to destroy the country. Changing Ungureanu government was the only accomplishment of USL. Ever since, Romania has lost time and money and has got only circus. Victor Ponta, you rule only to save your tycoons, the corrupted and the plagiarized doctor’s degree.”
Ponta: After these elections, Romania will truly be full EU member
On the other hand, PSD Chairman said, on Antena 3 private television broadcaster on Sunday that he was optimistic in regards with the result of the European elections, mentioning the possibility of the Socialists obtaining the best results in Romania and Italy, where a significant number of Romanians lived.
According to him, this year is a year of changes both for Romania and for entire Europe and our country must become an active partner of the European Union, not only a state applying what is decided in Brussels, but participating in the decision-making process. He said that Romania had missed before the opportunity of being a ‘powerful voice’ in Europe, but that it stood high chances to become a respected, active and dynamic state in the EU. ‘I want to believe – and I truly believe – that Romania will truly be, after these European elections and after the evolutions to follow, a full member of the EU, an active and dynamic member of the EU, that we shall learn from all the mistakes of these seven years and that we shall manage in Romania, as living standard level, as pension level, as salary level, as education level, as health or social assistance level, to have those European standards which all those who founded the EU had in mind,’ the Prime Minister pointed out.

PDL says ‘no’ to Predoiu-Ungureanu presidential run

PDL First Vice President Catalin Predoiu stated yesterday that a joint presidential ticket with Civic Force President Mihai Razvan Ungureanu “is out of the question,” pointing out that “any speculation about this normal gesture remains only a speculation.”
“Such a duo is out of the question,” Predoiu added, stating that this issue was never discussed. Predoiu pointed out that he was designated PDL’s presidential candidate following an internal campaign in which 130,000 Democrat-Liberal party members voted for his candidacy. “Such a thing does not leave room for interpretations or games or speculations. It’s a serious matter and I don’t plan to joke about it, I will not let down those that placed their faith in me and gave me this mandate,” the former Justice Minister added. In his turn, PDL President Vasile Blaga stated that the rumors concerning a possible Predoiu-Ungureanu duo “are malicious campaign rumors,” pointing out that PDL is a serious party that designated its candidate through internal elections.

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