Ponta will release Radu Ghetea from top management office with CEC

Premier Victor Ponta announced that, in his position of interim minister of Finance, he will sign the decision of releasing Radu Ghetea from the position of chief of Casa de Economii si Consemnatiuni (CEC), adding that the draft document has been already prepared by former minister Daniel Chitoiu, who “did not have time to sign it.” “There are procedures, I will probably sign the order Monday,” Ponta said, quoted by Mediafax. The premier yesterday was instated as interim minister of Finance. In this quality, he delegated the right of signature to state secretary Dan Manolescu (PNL), adding that the ministry will operate normally until the nomination of a new minister, which he hopes will happen soon. He also mentioned that the finalising of the text of the memorandum for the letter of intent with the IMF in view of submitting it to be signed by the president of Romania is one of the top priorities of the Ministry of Finance.

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