Population dropped by 9,885 people in December 2013

Romania’s population went down by 9,885 people in December 2013 when 14,000 children were born and about 24,000 people died, reads a press release issued yesterday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) and quoted by Mediafax. According to the quoted source, 14,149 children were born in the last month of the past year, 782 less than in November, and 24,034 people died, 3,626 more than the previous month. “The provisional RNI (rate of natural increase) was negative in December, of 9,885 people (difference between the crude death rate higher and crude birth rate), same as in November (5,477 people). The infant mortality rate in December was 123 (8.7 children under a year for each 1,000 born children), a higher rate than in November (8.6 children for each 1,000). A number of 4,187 marriages were reported in December at civil officers, 1,925 less than in November, and the number of divorces through definitive court rules in accordance with Law 202/2010 were 2,240, 273 more than in the previous month. In December 2013, there were 255 more marriages on a year-on-year basis and 249 less divorces than in December 2012.

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