Postponement of Transformer file, Fenechiu absent in court due to weather

The five judges of the Supreme Court postponed for today the Transformer file, after the lawyers of Relu and Lucian Fenechiu proved they could not show up yesterday due to inclement weather. The magistrates of the court who judge the appeal of the Transformer case were supposed to hear the final pleas, but only two of the six accused showed up. On the January 16 deadline, the judges of the Supreme Court rejected the appeals of Relu Fenechiu defense on new expertise in the Transformer case, but allowed him to submit a legal expertise performed at his request. On July 12, 2013 Relu Fenechiu, Minister of Transports at the time, was sentenced by the supreme court in the Transformer file to five years of prison and three years of waiving certain rights, for accessory to office malfeasance.

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